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Givecloud, digital fundraising software meets donor-first experiences.

Trusted by over 2000+ organizations including:

Devoted Donors = More Donations

I love the idea of being reminded of the giving - people want connection - love this.

Lindsey, Toronto, Canada

I LOVED how easy and fast it was to checkout! 💛

Teagan, London, England

No forms to fill out 👏👏👏 Charities lose me if I have to type in my full name and address into a form on my phone lol 💯love all of it.

Meagan, Ottawa, Canada

Clear and effortless donating. The form is super easy to navigate and it's quick to change my donation amount or frequency.😍

Rachel, Melbourne, Australia

Donating was just as fun as online shopping!🙌

Sarah, Ottawa, Canada

It felt safe and simple to donate online to a cause that is important to me.

Wendy, Orlando United States

Why Givecloud?

Truly first-in-class innovation proven to excite your donors and increase donations, advocacy and loyalty.

The Other Guys...

Same "streamlined" multi-step checkout

  7+ Form fields to fill out

  Ineffective DCC performance

  Uninspired and lackluster

  No post-checkout upsell

  Limited Customization

Increase your donations with Givecloud digital fundraising software.

When donors love your donation experience...

✓ They give more

✓ They give faster

✓ They give more frequently

✓ They share about it

Stop what you're doing! There's a better option.

  • Stop overspending on fundraising
  • Stop with that clunky online experience
  • Stop using ugly and unengaging forms
  • Stop losing donors with too many form fields
  • Stop living in the past without the latest payment options
  • Stop living donor to donor and just hoping you'll raise more



Zero Subscription Fee

Zero Platform Fee

Zero One-Time Setup Fees

Zero Contract

Zero Risk

*payment processing fees not included

Increase your donations with Givecloud digital fundraising software.

Turn Attention into Retention

Reliably convert attention from emails, social media and your campaigns into committed donors.

  • No Traditional Form Fields
  • Social Proof & Gamification
  • Realtime Address Auto-Complete & Verification
  • Modern Payments like Google & Apple Pay
  • Social Logins

Maximize The Opportunity

Ensure supporters have every opportunity to become as engaged as possible.

  • Upgrades & Upsells
  • Communication Opt-Ins
  • Social Logins
  • One-Click Challenges & Fundraisers
  • Personalized Thank You
Innovative digital fundraising forms with Givecloud.

We Outperform The Other Guys

From Features to Pricing to Outcomes, Givecloud's dedicated to making sure you get the most for your mission.

Industry Average

8 Seconds Load Time

5% Conversion Rate

4 Minutes Time to Donate

3 Redirects

15 Traditional Form Fields

1 Templates

The Other Guys

< 1.5 Seconds Load Time

37% Conversion Rate

26 Seconds Time to Donate

0 Redirects

7 Traditional Form Fields

1 Templates

Givecloud 💪

< 1 Second Load Time

42% Conversion Rates

< 20 Seconds Time to Donate

0 Redirects

0 Traditional Form Fields

12+ Templates

Reliable ⚡️

Lightning Fast

Our pages load in less than 1.5s on an average device and internet connection.

99.99% Uptime

We utilize cutting-edge cloud computing to auto-scale to your demand.

Safe & Secure

Trusted by national brands, we're PCI, DSS, and SOC compliant.

Proven 💪

2000+ Nonprofits

Our technology stack has been used by over 2000 nonprofits over 8 years.

$300M+ Fundraised

Our innovations have helped organizations raise hundreds of millions of dollars.

We're a remote-first company headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.

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