Fundraising Platform Features

Browse through Givecloud’s selection of intelligent features that make a world of difference. Meticulously comprehensive in their offerings, each feature affords you one less administrative item to fret with while on your world-saving mission.


Custom Branding &

Showcase your organization’s identity and amplify your impact through collaborative and customized branding.

Co-Branded Campaigns

Partner with local businesses and organizations to expand your campaign reach.

Visual Editor

Effortlessly create and customize content, visualizing in real time. No coding skills required.

Embeddable (Pop-Up or Inline) or Hosted Pages

Maximize every digital opportunity with easy, no-code embeddable fundraising forms.

Embeddable Widgets (Honour Roll & Thermometer)

Showcase an honor roll and fundraising thermometer on any web page with embedable widgets. Easy peasy, no coding required.

Multi-Step Checkout

Leverage micro-commitments and best practices to speed up checkout and increase conversions by focusing on one action at a time.

Credit Card, ACH, PayPal

Simplify online donations by accepting payments seamlessly with credit cards, ACH, or PayPal.

Apple Pay, Google Pay

Provide donors with convenient and flexible modern payment options.

Scan-To-Give QR Donations

Enhance convenience, engagement, and the overall impact of your fundraising efforts with an innovative and efficient solution.


Empower supporters worldwide to contribute in their preferred currency, creating a seamless and personalized giving experience.


The giving experience will auto-detect the donor’s language. Translations are easily managed in the Visual Editor.


Empower donors to make meaningful dedications, creating a more personalized and impactful giving experience.

Smart Suggested Amounts

Maximize the effectiveness of your fundraising efforts. Smart technology combines data points such as geography and device to intelligently suggest donation amounts.

Google Analytics and FB Tag Support

Ensure the reliability of your conversion tracking with seamless native integrations to Google and Facebook.

Donor Covers Cost w/ Optional Smart Technology

Maximize the amount your donors commit to helping cover your fundraising costs using the latest science in consumer behavior, price elasticity, the “materiality” of a top-up, and hundreds of thousands of data points. learn more

Monthly Giving Upsell

Guide donors toward recurring support with smart displays, encouraging monthly contributions after their initial donation—fostering long-term commitment to your cause.

Employer Matching Upsell

Raise more with a corporate gift matching program. Requires a subscription to Double the Donation 360Match

Communication Opt-In Upsell

Ensure compliance with stringent privacy regulations through an optional newsletter opt-in upsell. Navigate privacy requirements seamlessly while providing donors with the choice to stay informed.

Conversion & Performance Tracking

Gain insights into performance with analytics. Track detailed views, engagement, and conversions across multiple metrics to understand what’s working effectively.

Insight Emails (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)

Gain deep insights into your fundraising efforts. Identify winning trends to double down on and potential issues that require attention, allowing you to make informed decisions for strategic growth.

Thank You Message & Email

Strengthen donor relations by expressing gratitude and showcasing the impact of their contribution.

Tax Receipts

Simplify tax reciepts and send automatic, custom branded communications to your donors.

Social Sharing

With just a single click, donors can effortlessly share and challenge friends and family across social networks.

Automated Short URLs

Simplify your sharing experience—no more long or complicated URLs

One-Click Fundraisers

Streamline the giving process with a single click for maximum convenience and efficiency.

Supporter Name, Email, Address and Phone at Checkout

Enhance your understanding of supporters by optionally collecting a variety of data points at checkout.

Business Donations

Easily accept donations from businesses to support your cause and broaden your impact.

Fraud Prevention

A combination of technologies, including Captcha, aims to greatly reduce fraud while keeping donations simple.

Risk Warnings & Refunds

Effortlessly detect and address the rare suspicious transactions that manage to slip through. Quickly identify and refund/void such transactions, minimizing the risk of chargebacks.

Supporter Title (Mr, Mrs, etc)

Personalize the donor experience with a touch of individuality by including the option for supporters to choose their title.

Special Notes

Enable donors to personalize their contributions by leaving a custom message along with their donation.

Anonymous Donations

Allow a discreet and confidential giving experience with an anonymous donation option.

Designated Donations

Facilitate designated donations, allowing supporters to allocate their contributions to specific funds, projects, or causes of their choice.

Multi-Fund Donations

Streamline the donation process, allowing donors to allocate their support across various funds in one seamless transaction.

Custom Fields

Track a wealth of additional information with infinite custom fields. Customize and capture data that matters most to your organization for comprehensive insights.

Ecards & Social Tributes

Provide a thoughtful and engaging way for supporters to pay tribute and share the impact of their contributions.

Referral Source Upsell

Post donation, gather valuable insights by asking, ‘How did you hear about us?’ Capture key information to better understand your supporters and enhance your outreach strategies.

Video & Custom CTA Thank You Screen

Craft a personalized post-donation experience with our customizable thank-you screen. Thank donors and guide them to the next step with tailored calls-to-action, videos, or redirects.

Machine Learning

Leverage the power of intelligent technology to maximize generosity through Smart Donor Covers Costs and suggested donation amounts.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers

Create in 1Min or Less

Empower donors to effortlessly create and share fundraisers. Quickly spread the word and garner the support of friends and family. Seamless and effective P2P fundraising.

One-Click Social Login

Streamline fundraiser access with a one-click social login.

Custom Name, Goal and Avatar

Tailor each campaign to reflect its unique purpose and make a lasting impression on supporters.

Easy Social Sharing

Harness the power of social sharing to grow your impact.

Email Notifications & Encouragements

Celebrate and inspire fundraisers to build a lasting connection with your cause. For example: “Your first donation!” “You’re 50% of the way there!”

Fundraiser Lists

Effortlessly manage and generate reports on your Peer-to-Peer fundraisers. Stay organized and informed every step of the way.

Verified Fundraisers & Moderation Tools

Take control of your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising experience. Easily verify supporters and manage every aspect of your campaign with confidence.

Story-Telling & Video Support

Bring your story to life. Engage donors on a deeper level and inspire action with compelling narratives and captivating visuals.


Sell Event Tickets

Managing your events has never been easier. Allow supporters to seamlessly purchase tickets alongside your fundraising options. Simplify event administration with customizable thank-you pages, and automated emails and receipts.

Custom Fields

Capture essential event details during ticket purchase to ensure a personalized and memorable experience for all attendees.

Sell Event Sponsorships & Packages

Maximize the support for your events by enabling supporters to purchase sponsorship packages.

QR Tickets & Check-In

Utilize QR Codes for seamless attendee check-ins and easy post-event reporting.

Ticket Access Through Donor Portal (View Only)

Eliminate unnecessary administrative tasks by enabling ticket holders to view their event registration and tickets through the Donor Portal.

Attendee Reporting

Access event data to understand attendee engagement and optimize your future events.

Credit Card, ACH, PayPal

Simplify event ticket sales by accepting payments seamlessly with credit cards, ACH, or PayPal.

Virtual Event Fundraising

Transform your virtual events with interactive features including video streaming, reactions, live chat, pledges, and donations.

Sales Tax

Efficiently handle, charge, and report on sales tax for event contributions and ticket sales.

Physical & Digital Product Bundles

Create unique offerings that provide added value and excitement for your event attendees. Pair or bundle event tickets with physical and digital products.

Discounts & Promotion Codes

Simplify the ticketing process and enhance supporter engagement by offering exclusive discounts through customizable promotion codes.

Donor Portal

View & Edit Profile

Allow supporters to conveniently manage their account details, contribution history, and passwords.

View Giving History

Streamline administrative tasks by enabling supporters to access and view their giving history directly in the donor portal.

View Ticket Purchases

Simplify event management and reduce administrative workload by allowing ticket holders to conveniently access their event registration and tickets.

Download Givecloud-Generated Tax Receipts

Offer downloadable tax receipts securely through authenticated user logins.

Manage Recurring Giving

Give donors the power to manage their recurring payments. Customize options such as donation schedules, giving preferences, and donation end dates.

Manage Payment Methods

Maintain support for your cause without interruption by enabling donors to manage, update, or change their payment options.

Optionally Auto-Sync Changes to DonorPerfect

Sync data to your CRM tailored to your organization’s needs.

Email Automation

Custom Triggers

Streamline your operations with customizable automation. From reminders for recurring donations to warnings on expiring cards, welcome messages for new donors, personalized event QR codes, and more.

Personalized Emails & Merge Tags

Personalize supporter communications by leveraging merge tags to dynamically pull in individualized information.

Custom Design & Branding

Design visually stunning and cohesive emails and communications that reflect your organization’s identity.

Notify Supporters and Internal Staff

Leverage automations to streamline internal processes or notify departments.

Recurring Donations

Automatic Processing

Seamlessly process donations and payments to streamline operations, saving you time and ensuring efficiency.

Monthly Recurring

Create a recurring donation program to secure sustainable support for your mission.

Flexible Frequencies (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Quarterly...)

Develop a versatile recurring donation program, offering donors the flexibility to choose their preferred donation frequencies.

Flexible Payment Terms (ex: stop after 10 payments)

Allow donors to select their desired donation terms tailored by your organization’s offerings.

Self-Serve Portal to Manage Recurring Donation

Streamline administrative tasks by enabling donors to modify donation details such as date, amount, and payment method.

Self-Serve Pause & Cancel Donation

Optionally, give donors the ability to pause and cancel their payment with reason tracking included.


Track Membership & MCAT Codes

Easily track and manage memberships. Synchronize membership data to your CRM for streamlined record-keeping, or leverage built-in membership reporting for detailed insights.

Membership Discounts

With personalized perks, members feel valued and incentivized to continue supporting your organization’s mission.

Membership Login & Content

Provide exclusive access to resources and events to strengthen member engagement and foster a deeper connection.

Online Store

Create Physical Products for Sale

Diversify your revenue streams by introducing physical products for sale.

Inventory Tracking and Restock

Keep track of stock levels, monitor product availability, and streamline the fulfillment process.

Category Management

Organize your online store products into categories to enhance reporting and simplify the shopping experience for your supporters.

Promotional Discounts

Leverage promo codes, upsells, and bundled offers to inspire and incentivize your supporters.

Shipping Rates

Include shipping rates directly within the checkout experience to streamline the purchasing process, minimize surprises, and ensure a seamless transaction for your supporters.

Courier & Fullfillment Integrations

Streamine fulfillment and shipping with integrations to your existing tools.

Donation Upsell Checkout

Craft a comprehensive checkout process that seamlessly integrates both donations and purchases into one cohesive experience.

Credit Card, ACH, PayPal

Simplify online sales by accepting payments seamlessly with credit cards, ACH, or PayPal.

Apple Pay, Google Pay

Provide supporters with convenient and flexible modern payment options at checkout.

Child Sponsorship

Customizable Beneficiary Management

Easily manage and customize beneficiary profiles with features like biographies, timelines, videos, and custom fields.

Beneficiary Updates & Timelines

Effortlessly add or update information to showcase each beneficiary’s unique story, journey, and impact. Updates foster deeper connections with your supporters.

Sponsorship Managment

Easily track and report on children and their sponsors


Website Menu Builder

Craft a website navigation that guides visitors seamlessly through your online experience, ensuring easy access to key information, donation options, events, and more.

Page Builder

Create beautiful web pages using intuitive drag-and-drop templates, eliminating the need for coding expertise.


Establish a compelling online presence by crafting engaging blogs to showcase your organization’s narrative, bolster SEO rankings, and attract organic traffic.


Utilize redirects to seamlessly direct old URLs to current, relevant pages and fundraising opportunities, ensuring a smooth user experience and maximizing engagement.

Custom Domain

Where necessary, when the embedded option is not used (recommended), create a custom domain for a visually streamlined user experience.

Texting & SMS

In-Bound Text Donations

Create unlimited keywords and muliple text to give fundraising campaigns. For example “Give 20” to donate $20.


Create unlimited text to pledge keywords. For example “Pledge 3000” to pledge $3000.

Custom Text Replies

Create unique replies and actions for various text to give experiences. For example, text “Gala Schedule” to get a copy of tonights event. Text “Volunteer” to get involved.

Supporters Tracking

Supporter Types

Track supporter types beyond simply Individual and Business types.

Referal Sources

Gain insights on what marketing campaigns are getting attention bu asking donors “How did you hear about us?”

Supporter Titles Management

Customize the donor experience with optional titles such as Mrs, Ms, Dr, etc.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Tracking

Guage supporter sentiment with questions such as, “How likely are you to recommend us?”

Customer Marketing Opt-Out Options

Allow supporters to choose their marketing preferences with Customer Marketing Opt-Out Options.


24/7 Knowledge Base Access

9-5 In-App Messaging/Email

Onboarding Webinars

Priority Support

Telephone / Callback Support

Dedicated Account Manager

No-Out-of-Pocket Guarantee (Smart DCC)

Uptime Guarantee

Critical Phone Support After Hours - Request a Call

Advanced Features

Open API

Push and pull data from your Givecloud system and built custom integrations using Developer APIs.


Subscribe to webhooks to notify external services when certain events happen.

WordPress Plugin

Raise more by integrating digital fundraising directly with your WordPress website.

Self-Serve Imports

Transition with self-serve imports for easy migration, making the switch simple.

SafeSave Gateway

Accept credit card and debit payments using DonorPerfect’s prefered payment processing.

Stripe (Wallet Pay Only)

Seamlesly connect and start fundraising in minutes with Stripe wallet pay.

Third-Party Payment Processors

Stripe (Full Support),, Braintree, Vanco, PaySafe, NMI

Mult-Account Configurations

Ideal for Multi-National Nonprofits with multiple legal entities, offices and bank accounts.

Automatic Security & Fraud Management

Managed SSL, Automated Fraud Response, Risk Warnings

Custom Fraud Settings

Customize how your site responds to possible fraud.



Google Analytics


SalesForce (NPC & NPSP)



Constant Contact

Double the Donation




Joomla, Drupal, Wix, SquareSpace...






Customer Success

You can rely on the Givecloud Customer Success Team to provide you exemplary roadside assistance as you traverse the irregular landscape of digital fundraising.

You can rely on the Givecloud Support Team to provide you exemplary roadside assistance as you traverse the irregular landscape of digital fundraising.


Flexible monthly pricing for nonprofits of all sizes. Choose the plan that’s right for you.

You can rely on the Givecloud Support Team to provide you exemplary roadside assistance as you traverse the irregular landscape of digital fundraising.