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Grizzly & Wolf

98% of donors are happily covering their cost to donate.

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Their Unique Challenge:

Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center had been using a WordPress-based website that lacked seamless integration with DonorPerfect, their donor management system.
This resulted in the need for manual data entry and administrative bookkeeping tasks, particularly in regards to accounting reconciliation with QuickBooks. The manual entry process often led to errors, causing additional challenges.
Furthermore, the existing platform presented difficulties in collecting necessary donor information, making it burdensome to ensure accurate and comprehensive records.

Another issue encountered was related to the shopping cart functionality, as various platforms required separate processes for contributions and shopping, posing complexities in managing transactions and streamlining the checkout experience.

The Solution:

Givecloud provided a solution that addressed the organization’s challenges effectively. By seamlessly syncing with their existing DonorPerfect system, Givecloud eliminated the need for manual data entry, saving significant time and reducing the likelihood of errors. The integrated system streamlined the process of collecting donor information, making it more efficient and accurate.
Furthermore, Givecloud’s all-in-one shopping cart functionality simplified the checkout process, allowing donors to make contributions and purchase retail items simultaneously. Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center found Givecloud’s system easy to navigate and appreciated the automation of tasks.

Because of Givecloud:

Since adopting Givecloud, experienced a noticeable improvement in their donation process. Syncing monthly donations became effortless, eliminating the need for manual paperwork. The system’s intuitive interface and streamlined navigation made the entire process quicker and more efficient.
Moreover, they discovered that 98% of their donors willingly covered the processing fees, resulting in increased contributions and a higher average donation amount. They also observed an overall positive response to the improved website experience through Givecloud.
With over 25,000 donors in their database, the organization found Givecloud’s solution to be a valuable asset for managing their fundraising efforts and enhancing donor engagement.
of donors happily covering the cost to donate.
0 %
satisfaction rate from donors after adopting Givecloud.
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happy donors.
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Who is Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center:

Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center is an AZA Accredited Not-for-Profit Wildlife Park and Educational Facility located in West Yellowstone, Montana

The Center’s mission is to provide visitors with a unique opportunity to learn about, observe and appreciate the grizzly bear and gray wolf.

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Grew from 1.79% of donors being monthly donors to 13.7%
Doubled their online fundraising.