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Humane Animal Welfare Society

Humane Animal Welfare Society increases their public donation percentage by 28% with Givecloud

Increase in volunteers in 12 months.
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Increase in programs and classes offered.
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More than doubled volunteer projects in 2022.
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Their Unique Challenge:

While juggling the important tasks of saving animals and strengthening the bond between humans and animals through education, HAWS was facing the very real problem of managing their database of donors.

In recent years, like you may have also seen, nonprofits are experiencing less and less cheques and more online giving. It’s simply easier and more convenient for people. So, HAWS needed to make that switch to being more focused on accepting online donations AND tracking all the data involved in accepting said donations. 

This was no easy task for them.

For a long time, they had tried to use their animal database (the system they used to track their adoptable animals) to store their donor information. Since this software wasn’t created to track donor information, it didn’t work out at all.

They were spending tons of time trying to connect all the pieces of software they had on to go to collect information. And because they had all of these different pieces of software, there was no brand cohesion. In their words: “The website was a mess because we were linking to all these disparate forms.”

Overall, HAWS needed a better solution for:

  • Collecting and managing their donor data
  • Accepting online donations
  • Seeing brand cohesion throughout their website

The Solution:

After trying various options, like their own animal database, to track their donor data, they came to Givecloud.

Givecloud was able to seamlessly integrate with the existing software they wanted to use for data tracking and provide them with modern donation forms they could embed right on their website.

“Even just people saying ‘Oh wow, the forms look nice!’ – they are noticing things look more polished. AND it’s easy to use, which I love. I do think having the right tools is big.”

Gone were the days of their donors being redirected to random donation pages that didn’t look and feel like HAWS. Their Givecloud donation forms were embedded right on their website, were fully customized to their brand guidelines, and truly became an extension of their website.

Because of Givecloud:

Increase in programs and classes offered.
0 %
Increase in volunteer projects
+ 0 %
Increase in amount of volunteers
0 %

Who is HAWS:

HAWS is an animal shelter in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Primarily, they serve Waukesha County but have been expanding out into surrounding counties and the greater Milwaukee area.

They’re an open admission and no-kill facility, which means they take anything and the only time they euthanize an animal is if it’s truly, truly in their best interest. HAWS is an emergency responder center, so if there’s a hurricane or natural disaster they take in pets and animals from other states.

They also accept transports of animals from Southern shelters on a monthly basis as they remain underfunded and understaffed and have more animals than they can care for.

Another big part of their mission is that they are truly dedicated to strengthening the relationship between animals and humans. The way they do that is through adoptions. This means getting animals into homes, but also through education programs. They think that education is hugely important – they believe that we can’t have a humane community without educating the community on what that means and how we achieve that

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98% of donors happily covering their cost to donate.
Grew from 1.79% of donors being monthly donors to 13.7%