Success Story

The Humane Society of Pinellas

268% increase in online fundraising.

Increase in online fundraising.
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Satisfaction in donor data tracking & reporting.
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Their Unique Challenge:

The Humane Society of Pinellas faced a significant barrier in streamlining its donation process due to outdated methods and limited payment options. Previously, donors were required to fill out an extensive document and could only make contributions via credit card. Alternative quick payment methods employed, such as Facebook and PayPal, failed to capture comprehensive donor information and did not allow tracking of the specific intent behind the donations, such as whether they were meant for particular campaigns.

Additionally, the donation page was outdated and had minimal design capabilities, further hindering fundraising efforts. Recognizing the need for a more efficient and modern solution, The Humane Society of Pinellas sought to revamp its donation system to enhance the donor experience and improve its ability to manage and track donations effectively.

The Solution:

Givecloud provided The Humane Society of Pinellas with a streamlined and efficient donation process, enabling donors to make gifts with just a few clicks. The platform allowed donors to utilize convenient payment methods such as PayPal, significantly enhancing the ease of contributing.

Givecloud captured comprehensive donor data, ensuring that all necessary information was collected. This feature enabled The Humane Society of Pinellas to track the specific intent behind donations, whether they were designated for particular campaigns or general support.

Additionally, the platform facilitated easy and detailed reporting, allowing the organization to monitor campaign successes and overall fundraising performance effectively. By adopting Givecloud, The Humane Society of Pinellas was able to modernize its donation system, greatly improving both donor experience and internal management of contributions.

Because of Givecloud:

Prior to implementing Givecloud, The Humane Society of Pinellas raised $5,433.87 from December 18th, 2022, to January 1st, 2023. However, during a live trial with Givecloud in December 2023, the organization raised approximately $20,000. This remarkable increase in online giving amounted to a 268% rise in donations.

Additionally, in December 2023, The Humane Society of Pinellas saw over $1,085.41 in donor-covered costs, a metric that was difficult to track with their previous system. The increase in donor-covered costs was attributed to Givecloud’s flexible options for covering transaction fees, allowing each user to choose the amount they wanted to contribute towards these costs. 

The implementation of Givecloud significantly enhanced the organization’s fundraising capabilities and transparency in tracking key financial metrics.

Increase in online fundraising.
0 %
Satisfaction in donor data tracking & reporting.
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Who is the Humane Society of Pinellas:

The Humane Society of Pinellas is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, no-kill animal shelter that has been caring for animals and our community since 1949.

The Humane Society of Pinellas is dedicated to providing individualized care for every animal that comes our way and we ensure that every treatable animal is treated.

This means they have made a promise to their community that no animal will be euthanized for a treatable condition.

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Doubled their online fundraising.
Increased public fundraising by 28%.