Host high impact virtual events.

Imagine an all-in-one digital fundraising page to watch, give, engage,
celebrate, connect and share. Wow!

Event Ticketing.

Simple and easy ticket sales for classes, galas, conferences and tournaments.

  • Configure the registration page exactly the way you want it
  • Upsell and cross-sell items
  • Track inventory
  • Confirmation and etickets automatically emailed
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Event Check-In.

Take the stress out of managing event attendance so you can focus more on the event.

  • Confirmation and ticket is automatically emailed  
  • Optional QR code for easy check-in
  • Grant multiple check-ins and in-out privileges
  • Track attendees
  • Communicate post-event to thank participants or reach out to those who missed it
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Event Streaming & Donations.

Power the next wave of generosity by expanding your reach, building excitement and boosting your impact.

  • Integrated livestream through Zoom, Vimeo or YouTube
  • Celebrate success with a real time impact ticker
  • Recognize and thank your supporters in real time
  • Promote social sharing for greater reach
  • Connect with real time chat and emoticons
  • Build trust with an on brand experience
  • Simplify giving with easy on-screen options
  • Raise even more and cover all your admin fees
  • Engage and energize your supporters like never before
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