Aug 27
Target go-live
Aug 27.

Sponsorship Language Overrides

       Hayley Killalea

The button labels you can now override:

  • My Story (on the profile page)
  • My Profile (on the button on the list of children)
  • Sponsor Me (on the button when a child is not sponsored / profile)
  • Sponsored (on the button when a child is already sponsored)

To find these override settings, head to Features > Website > Site Design and click into the Sponsorship tab.

Aug 4

New Website Languages Available (es, fr)

       Kory Gorsky

Your public facing supporter website can now be shown in one of three languages: English (US - default), Spanish (MX) or French (CA).

Head over to your organization settings to choose your locale.

A couple of notes:

  • This will affect all of the system generated text on your public facing web pages (not the administration area).
  • We do not support multi-lingual sites as of now.
Jun 7

Four New Supporter Filters

       Kory Gorsky

We've added four new filters on the Supporters (Accounts) list.

  • Recurring Payments filter allows you to find all your recurring donors, all donors with suspended recurring payments and all donors with expired recurring payments.
  • First & Last Payment Date filters allow you to find new donors, active donors and lapsed donors based on the first time or last time they made a payment.
  • Donor Portal Activity filter allows you to find all your supporters who use your Donor Portal.
  • Payment Method filter allows you to find Supporters who have a valid payment method, those who have a payment method expiring soon, and those with no valid payment method.
Jun 7

Contributions & Supporters Language Updates

       Josh Bloomfield

Now we're talking the same language! No more "Orders" or "Accounts"! They're now "Contributions" and "Supporters". You'll see these updates throughout the system.

We haven't made any other big changes to the UI - it's only the language we're using. You can still find all your "Orders" through the "Contributions" menu. And you can still find all your "Accounts" using the "Supporters" menu. It'll take a little getting used to, we know. These are all baby steps towards a very bright future. ?

Do you have feedback? Hit us up in the live chat and fire away! Your opinion is all that matters. We're doing this FOR YOU!

Jun 1

Login from

       Philippe Perusse

No more fumbling for your Givecloud account. You and your staff can now login from!

May 31

Staff Notifications for Edits to Fundraising Pages

       Kory Gorsky

Under fundraiser settings, you can now add team members to be notified when a Fundraising Page is edited by a Supporter.

This is in addition to the notification that was already available for your team to be notified when a new fundraiser is created.

May 20

Address Autocomplete for Mail Tributes

       Nicolas Gominet

When a donor wants to send a tribute through mail, they can now use address auto-complete to enter the recipient's address.

We believe this will help reduce the time it takes your supporters to fill in addresses as well as reduce errors in address entry.

Apr 27

Custom Streaming Options for Virtual Events

       Kory Gorsky

We're proud to announce that our Virtual Events feature now supports new options for live streaming. In addition to Vimeo and Youtube, we allow you to broadcast from a variety of streaming providers such as OBS, Zoom, Streamlabs, Dacast, OneStreamLive, Ecamm live, Wirecast, Streamyard and Restream. View the help article for more information:

Apr 23

Track Notes on Your Supporters

       Philippe Perusse

Easily track notes on all your supporters in Givecloud. On a specific account, you can now keep a history of notes to track key details. Check out our help article to learn more:

Mar 8

Beta - Virtual Events: All-in-one virtual fundraising to engage and energize your supporters like never before.

       Kimberly Arcand

Currently in Beta.

Are you planning an online gala, generosity party or concert? Turn these events into high-impact fundraising opportunities. IMAGINE an all-in-one fundraising page to watch, give, engage, celebrate, connect and share.

Virtual Events enable you to expand your reach and boost impact. It’s a new opportunity to break down barriers and truly connect with anyone that shares a passion for your cause. Our Virtual Events feature motivates generosity like never before:

Livestream your fundraiser globally and expand your reach? Accept payments directly through the broadcast. ? Create excitement with a live ticker, progress bar and confetti? Engage and energize with emoji reactions ❤️ Enable live chat for even more robust interactions?

To learn more, check out our help article here:

Mar 8

Collect Donations Everywhere with Embeddable Donation Forms

       Kimberly Arcand

Embeddable donation forms can diversify fundraising by creating new avenues to raise awareness and donations. Partner with influencers, churches or community programs to broaden your reach and hit your fundraising goal. Check out our help article to learn more:

Jan 7

Setup Two Factor Authentication Available for your Givecloud Account

       Kimberly Arcand

Two Factor Authentication is now available for all Givecloud Accounts.

To setup Two Factor Authentication on your account,

  1. Select the Profile Icon in the upper-right-hand corner of the Dashboard, then select My Profile.

  2. Scroll to Two Factor Authentication > Enable.

  3. Scan the following QR code using your authenticator app and store recovery codes in a secure password manager.

*Each user on your Givecloud Site will need to enable Two Factor Authentication on their Givecloud profile.

Find out more here:

Jan 5

Global Search and Search Scope Setting Available on Site Design

       Kimberly Arcand

Givecloud Users can choose the scope of website search on Givecloud. Go to Site Design > Header & Sidebar > then choose the scope of your search. Choose from either Product Search or Global Search (including blogs).

Review our Help Centre article here:

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