Jul 17

Optimized load times for embedded fundraising forms

       Kimberly Arcand

We have optimized load times for your embedded fundraising experiences. We have rolled out an update that limits the number of preloaded forms to three. This means you can add as many fundraising forms as you want to a single page and continue to have excellent loading time performance.

To learn how to embed your fundraising experience form, please check out https://help.givecloud.com/en/collections/4016449-fundraising-experiences-learn-how-to-embed-fundraising-experiences.

Jul 14

User Interface updates to your Givecloud Admin

       Kimberly Arcand

Givecloud has made some updates to the Givecloud Admin to prepare for some exciting upcoming changes!

  • The supporter search bar is now in the upper-right-hand corner of your Givecloud Admin.
  • We have removed the greetings message beside your name, but your profile and organization settings can still be found under the dropdown.
  • We’ve also updated the bell and the help icons along the top menu.
Jul 14

Multilingual Support available on Fundraising Experiences

       Kimberly Arcand

Multilingual support is now available on fundraising experience forms. Choose the languages you wish to support for each fundraising experience. Available languages include,

  • English -Español -Français

To add and edit your multilingual settings, please go to Fundraising, then click or tab to the fundraising experience you wish to add a multilingual option. From Template + Branding, click or tab to Multilingual and check beside the language you want this experience to support. To learn more, please check out our help article: https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/6427322-fundraising-how-to-create-a-fundraising-experience.

Jul 11

Goal Tracking with Fundraising Experiences

       Kimberly Arcand

Goal tracking is now available on fundraising experience forms. Set a goal for your nonprofit to leverage and inspire supporters to give.

As your supporters give, the thermometer goes up!

  • Set your goal and preview within the visual editor.
  • Offset your goal progress.
  • Share your goal progress bar on your fundraising experience with your supporters.

To add a goal tracker/ thermometer,

  1. Select Fundraising, then choose the fundraiser you wish to edit.
  2. From Customize Experience > Donation, click or tab to toggle on Goal Thermometer.
  3. Set the goal and initial progress (offset).
  4. Toggle on or off to include DCC In goal progress.
  5. Save to complete your changes!

To learn more about Fundraising with Givecloud, head over to https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/6427322-fundraising-how-to-create-a-fundraising-experience.

May 26

Fundraising: Corporate donations available on fundraising experiences

       Kimberly Arcand

Add a corporation or business name as a part of a donation through fundraising experiences.

Supporters can now check "This is a business donation" to provide their business name under 'Contact Info' during the checkout experience.

May 17

Fundraising: Share Everywhere with Givecloud

       Kimberly Arcand

We've made sharing your fundraising forms easy! Embed your forms to maximize every digital opportunity and build trust with your donors without the hassle of writing code. We've got you covered!! Let us do the leg work and leave the world-changing to you.

To try out our new embed option, please go to Fundraising > select your fundraising form > then click or tab to Website Embed.

Learn more at: https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/6425133-fundraising-embedding-a-fundraising-experience-on-givecloud.

May 16

Integrations: Mailchimp

       Kimberly Arcand

Turn emails into donations by integrating your Givecloud account with Mailchimp's email marketing tools and make communicating with your supporters easy!

To connect your Mailchimp account to your GC admin, go to Settings > Integrations > Mailchimp.

To learn more, check out our help article, https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/6960156-mailchimp.

May 4

Supporters: Upload and update supporters data with the new Support Import

       Kimberly Arcand

We have launched a new feature allowing you to upload or update your supporter data in your GC Admin.

To import your supporter data, go to Supporters > All Supporters > + Add > Import Supporters. To learn more, check out our help article, https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/6923149-how-do-i-add-my-supporter-records.

May 4

Contribution Import: Upload external contribution data with Contribution Import

       Kimberly Arcand

We have launched a new feature that allows you to upload your external contribution data in your GC Admin.

Import your contribution data by going to Contributions > All Contributions > + Add > Import Contributions. To learn more, check out our help article, https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/6925429-how-do-i-add-external-contributions.

May 4

Sponsorships: Upload and Update Sponsee Data with Sponsorship Import

       Kimberly Arcand

We have launched a new feature allowing you to upload or update your sponsee data in your GC Admin.

To upload your sponsee data, go to Features > Sponsorships > Children (this name may vary depending on your Sponsorship settings) > Add > Import. To learn more, check out our help article, https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/6925402-how-do-i-add-my-sponsorship-database.

Apr 27

Category Pages: Show Product Summaries

       Kimberly Arcand

You can display your product summaries on your category pages to tell a story and provide information about a product or donation form. To add the item summaries to your category page, go to,

  1. Features > Website > Site Design > Category Templates.
  2. Toggle on, Show product summaries on product listings.
  3. Save to update the change.

Product summaries are available on the following category templates, Default Grid with Categories Grid without Filter

To learn more, please check out our help article, https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/7837303-category-pages-show-product-summaries-on-your-category-page.

Apr 26

Salesforce Integration

       Kimberly Arcand

Supercharged efficiency with Givecloud's new Salesforce Integration! Connect Givecloud directly with Salesforce to keep supporter and contribution data in one central place. To learn more, check out our help article, https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/5659398-salesforce!

Mar 22

Contributions & Transactions: How to Refresh the Payment Status

       Kimberly Arcand

Refresh the payment status for pending contributions or recurring transactions in your GC admin to receive the most up-to-date payment status.

Refreshing the payment status will help determine the status of a pending payment. For example, when Givecloud processes a Direct Debit (ACH or EFT), the direct debit payment will come back with a pending status while the bank processes the payment.

When you refresh a payment record, Givecloud will check the status and determine whether the payment was successful or has failed.

To learn more, check out our help article, https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/7170396-contributions-transactions-how-to-refresh-the-payment-status.

Mar 21

Risk and Fraud Prevention: Mark as Spam and Spam Reporting Status

       Kimberly Arcand

Here at Givecloud, we work hard for you to ensure you have the built-in features you can use to manage payment risk and prevent fraud. In our latest release, we have created a Mark as Spam feature to help you review and manage fraudulent payments directly in your Givecloud admin.

Mark and filter fraudulent payments and supporter profiles using the Mark as Spam status option. Mark a single or bulk mark multiple records to refund and categorize the fraudulent payments or supporter profiles. This will separate the fraudulent records from your actual Givecloud Database but will still allow you to review these records by selecting Status > Spam/ Fraud on your All Contributions and All Supporter Reports.

When you mark a contribution as Spam & Refund, Givecloud will,

  1. Marks both the contribution and the supporter associated with the contributions as Spam/Fraud.

  2. Givecloud will try to issue a refund. It's important to note that in some instances, the payment may have already been refunded directly in the payment gateway. Issuing a full refund of the fraudulent contributions will prevent costly chargebacks.

  3. If you use SafeSave, PaySafe, NMI or Stripe as a payment gateway, Givecloud will check the payment status before issuing the refund. If it has been refunded, Givecloud will update the contribution to be marked as refunded. If you use another payment gateway, please reach out to givecloud support, and we'll be happy to help mark those contributions as refunded.

  4. If you use, DonorPerfect, Givecloud will sync the refund to DonorPerfect. If Donor Records have been created, the donor records will need to be manually removed from DonorPerfect.

To learn more, please check out our help article, https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/3508435-carding-bots-preventing-fraud#h_923a2530bf.

Mar 13

Fundraising & DonorPerfect: User Defined Fields (UDFs) are available on Fundraising Experiences!

       Kimberly Arcand

DonorPerfect User Defined Fields (UDFs) are now available on Fundraising Experiences. If you have set up gift UDFs in DonorPerfect, Givecloud can push the data with Fundraising Experience forms.

UDFs can be set up on an experience-by-experience basis and are not a required field.

How to Request UDF Integration You'll need to let us know what UDFs you want your GC account to push to DonorPerfect. For each UDF you wish to integrate with, reach out to us at support@givecloud.com with the following information,

  • UDF Code
  • UDF Label
  • What type of field it is (text, dropdown)

The UDFs must be UDFs available on the Gifts screen in DonorPerfect. Sync up to 14 unique UDFs on Givecloud.

Once complete, your UDFs will appear as an option under Integrations > DonorPerfect on all Fundraising Experiences.

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