Sep 21

Login with DP Donor ID

       Josh Bloomfield

Your donors can now register their online account with their DP ID and ZIP. This will look for matches in DP based on Donor ID and ZIP code. You can mail or email all your donors their DP ID and their ZIP on file, then ask they register their online account using their DP ID and ZIP.

This needs to be enabled in your website design settings. Look for 'Login / Register' settings to customize the experience for your organization.

Sep 16

SafeSave Failure Notifications

       Josh Bloomfield

It's happened to a couple of us - our SafeSave username and password changes and unintentionally breaks the connection Givecloud and SafeSave. This means no one can process donations on your site. This new feature will notify you the minute any donor is unable to pay because of a SafeSave connection issue. This allows you to quickly resolve the problem without having to login to Givecloud daily to check the status of your SafeSave account.

Sep 11

Fix Abandoned Cart Reporting

       Dan Ramdial

Fixes issues with abandoned cart dates and reporting. Prior to this patch, users may have seen blank dates or incorrect dates when reporting on abandoned carts.

Aug 30

Site Design Customization Search

       Josh Bloomfield

You can now search through your site design panel to quickly find the setting you are looking for. Look for the new search field at the top of the customization screen.

Aug 28

Email & Date Custom Field Types

       Josh Bloomfield

We've added more custom field options for your products.

Email Show an email input field that includes email validation.

Date Show a date input field with validation and a calendar component to select a date.

Hidden For advanced API developers - you can create hidden fields and fill in their value using URL parameters.

Aug 11

Resolve Modal Issues

       Tim Robertson

Fixed an issue that was preventing some modals (pop-up windows) from displaying correctly. Prior to this patch, some users may have had difficulty viewing child sponsorship modal's like the Sponsor Details modal and the Timeline modal.

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