May 29

Product Specific Custom Emails

       Dan Ramdial

You can now setup product specific custom emails for products that are scheduled to go live on your site at a future date. Previously, if a product had an active start date in the future, it was not possible to setup a custom email for it.

Thanks Kemp Center for the Arts!

Apr 30

Dashboard Improvements

       Josh Bloomfield

We've improved your Givecloud dashboard to help you get a truer picture of how your organization is doing.

  1. Recurring revenue is now included in your monthly revenue total.
  2. We extended the 30 day revenue visualization to 60 days and moved it closer to the top of your dashboard.
  3. We added a second series to the 60 day revenue visual for your recurring revenue so you can easily compare your one-time and recurring revenue.
  4. We improved the account growth visualization to exclude deleted accounts.

Thanks to Brenda, Steph and the team at Avanse for the great feedback!

Apr 27

Account Side-Bar for Orders

       Josh Bloomfield

The spirit behind the new Account Sidebar is to save you time by giving you quicker access to account management functions.

Automatic Account Creation and Linking

Prior to this update, orders were only created if the donor specified a password during payment. Now, at payment, an account will always be created, regardless of whether a password is provided. If the payment has an email or name-zip combination that matches an existing account, we will link to that account.

Instant Donor Overview

The new Account Sidebar that displays on the order screen shows you an overview of the account holder including their lifetime payments, as well as recent orders.

Similar Accounts

Givecloud will always try and automatically link your payments to an existing account. Givecloud now also shows you similar accounts based on email or name-zip matching. If Givecloud made the initial match incorrectly, you can quickly see potential alternatives and switch the account with one-click.

Easily Switch & Link Other Accounts

If you see the wrong account in the sidebar, you can easily switch the account one of two ways.

  1. Select the drop-down beside the account holder's name and select 'Switch'
  2. Use the 'Similar Accounts' section and choose one of the similar accounts to link.

Quick Access to Merge & Login

The dropdown beside the account holder's name lets you quickly merge the account with an existing account, or quickly login as the account holder to see what they see.

Apr 26

Private/Internal Notes On Products

       Josh Bloomfield

Need to keep track of the current vendor for a product, where you got the product from or anything pertaining to the product that would be useful to your team? You now have the ability to leave internal notes on products. These notes are only available through the product in your jpanel and can be used however suites your organization.

Jan 19

Discontinued Support for Split Gifts in DonorPerfect

       Josh Bloomfield

We've discontinued support for split gifts in DonorPerfect while DonorPerfect works to improve their support for Split Gifts using the No-Calc feature as well as in their reporting.

Jan 18

12+ Improvements to DonorPerfect Integration

       Josh Bloomfield

Support for Organization vs Individual

When a donor identifies themselves as an organization, we now push that account type into DonorPerfect, as well as the organization name.

One Gift per Order Item

We've updated how gifts are created in DonorPerfect. Every item on the order will now generate a unique gift in DonorPerfect. For example: If there are 5 items ordered, there will be at least 5 gifts created. If you have taxes and shipping being pushed into DonorPerfect, those will continue to be pushed in as separate gifts as well.

Improved Donor Matching

We've implemented some improvements to our donor matching intelligence.

When matching a donor's first name:

  • we scan the first name so it will match "linda" with "josh & linda" (we know some of you love mixing spouse names into the first_name field)
  • we now search the 'Spouse' field (if you have it enabled - giftudf.spouse)
  • when the donor is an organization, we match on the organization field in DP

More Gift Data

You can now push more data into each gift created in DonorPerfect. Check your Settings & Admin > DonorPerfect settings panel.

  • Order Number - Givecloud can push the order number into a custom field of your choice.
  • Payment Method - Givecloud can push the payment method used in a custom field of your choice.
  • Is a Recurring Payment - Givecloud can push a Y or N value into a custom field of your choice to help you see which gifts were created through an overnight automated EFT.
  • Item Description - Givecloud can push a description of the item to a custom field of your choice.
  • Item Qty - Givecloud can push the quantity of the item ordered into a custom field of your choice.
  • Referral Source ("How'd you hear about us?") - Givecloud can push the answer to "How you heard about us?" to a custom field of your choice on the Donor record.

More Tribute Data

You can now push the personal message entered during a tribute to the gift narrative field. And optionally, you can include an entire description of the tribute in the narrative (including who it's for and their contact info).

Jan 16

Multimedia Timeline Posts for Sponsorship

       Josh Bloomfield

We've added support for images, videos and documents in your timeline posts. When adding a post to a timeline, you can either drag and drop files or click "Attachments" to add almost any type of file to the timeline post. The sponsor can then see these while reviewing their child's profile when they login. When the sponsor clicks on an image, it's displayed in a full-screen window where they can easily flip through all the images in a single post.

To learn more, check out the new article in our help desk.

-- Thanks Zahara and the Children of Grace team!

Jan 12

"How'd You Hear About Us?" Tracking

       Dan Ramdial

We've seen it in a lot of your donation forms - now you can track it and push it to your CRM. We call it the Referral Source... or "How'd You Hear About Us?".

To start, go to Settings & Admin > Accounts. Look for the 'Referral Sources' panel and follow the instructions.

To push that data into your CRM:

  1. Login to DonorPerfect and create a DONOR UDF field. You can name it whatever you want - we recommend GC_REF_SOURCE.
  2. Back in Givecloud, go to your DP Integration Screen (ex: Settings & Admin > Integrations > DonorPerfect).
  3. Scroll down to the GC Meta Data panel and look for the Referral Source field and enter your field name (GC_REF_SOURCE).
  4. From now on, the GC_REF_SOURCE field on the DONOR UDF table will be populated with the referral data.
Jan 11

Better City-Level Tax Calculations

       Josh Bloomfield

Previously, tax was being calculated incorrectly when there was multiple rules setup per city. This has been resolved.

-- Thanks Lacey and Tech Inc for finding this bug and helping us solve it!

Jan 9

POS Tax Region Fix

       Josh Bloomfield

Previously, the tax region was not defaulting to the correct region in certain circumstances when using the Point of Sale (when trying to default to the customer's tax region). This has been resolved.

Jan 4

"My Tax Receipts" Menu

       Josh Bloomfield

Your donors can more easily access their tax receipts using the new 'My Tax Receipts' menu in their Donor Portal. We group tax receipts together by year.

You must have Tax Receipts enabled in Givecloud in order for this feature to be enabled.

If you haven't already, consider turning Givecloud's tax-receipting on. You can fully customize the template. Givecloud will generate an encrypted PDF that will be instantly emailed to your donor and made available in their Donor Portal.

Jan 3

Tax Receipts for Sponsorship Payments

       Josh Bloomfield

We expanded our Tax Receipt feature to optionally issue tax receipts for sponsorship payments.

To enable Tax Receipts for your Child Sponsorship payments, go to Settings & Admin > Sponsorships, and look for the Tax Receipt setting. Be sure Tax Receipts are enabled on your Givecloud account.

-- Thanks Lift Them Up !

Dec 28

Better Handling of Payment Types

       Josh Bloomfield

Previously, under certain conditions, the type of credit card used on a transaction wasn't being recorded on your Givecloud orders for easy reference. We've gone through all your orders and fixed it. We also improved tracking moving forward.

Dec 26

Individual / Organization Support

       Dan Ramdial

It's about time. We know ;) You can now track individual vs organization donations - and more!

To get started, go to Settings & Admin > Account and look for the new Account Types panel. You'll be able to manage the different account types, add some, remove some and choose which ones show up on your payment forms.

You can also map the Account Types over to DonorPerfect's Donor Types to keep everything in beautiful harmony.

NOTE: This feature is only supported on locked website themes. Need your theme updated to support this new feature, contact

Dec 21

Improved Tribute Tracking in DonorPerfect

       Josh Bloomfield

You can push the personal message, as well as the entire tribute itself, into the Gift Narrative field.

Check your DonorPerfect Integration settings panel for more details.

-- Thanks to the team at The Living Desert for this one!

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