Feb 1

Auth.net Support

       Josh Bloomfield

Accept credit, debit and ACH payments using your Authorize.net account!

Jan 26

SMS & Instant Messaging (Text-To-Donate, and more!)

       Tim Robertson

Increase your fundraising and streamline your processes with our end-to-end SMS fundraising feature. Best part - it's unlimited use AND included in our new monthly plans.

  • Text-to-Donate - Allow your donors to donate quickly over SMS or Instant Message and easily encourage monthly donations.
  • Text-to-Fundraise - Give your best fundraisers their own text-to-donate code. Every donation received over text is logged against their fundraiser and is visible on their page. For example: "Text 'JOSHS BDAY 50' to donate $50 towards my fundraiser!"
  • Text-to-Pledge - Allow your donors to pledge any amount of money towards a pledge campaign. For example: "Text 'BUILD 500' to pledge $500 towards our building fund."
  • Text-to-Update-Profile - Give your donors easier access to their profile right from their phone. For example: "Text 'MY PROFILE' to create, access or update your account."
  • Text-to-Anything - Create custom replies and actions. For example, "Text 'ITINERARY' to get a link to the event schedule!" or "Text 'GET THE BOOK' to purchase this limited time offer!"

Learn how to use it TODAY!

Jan 23

Better Order Screen

       Josh Bloomfield

We've improved the main order review screen. It's simpler and you can see everything important without scrolling. We'd love your feedback!

Jan 21

Order Tracking Data & UTM Support

       Josh Bloomfield

Keep better track of your traffic and analytics data in Givecloud and in your CRM.

We now track the following URL parameters in your Givecloud orders and donations:

  • utm_source (or just source)
  • utm_medium (or just medium)
  • utm_campaign (or just campaign)
  • utm_terms (or just terms)
  • utm_content (or just content)

Check your CRM settings, as well. You can now push those same parameters directly into your CRM from Givecloud.

For example, perhaps you have a partner organization or business that wants to advertise your fundraising page. You can send them a link to your site with the param ?source=joes-roofing and track all the donations you get from that business in Givecloud and in your CRM. Want to understand more, check our help desk or drop us a line at help@givecloud.co.

Jan 18

ShipStation Integration

       Tim Robertson

Our ShipStation integration is currently in testing with a handful of organizations.

ShipStation allows you to pick, pack and ship your orders outside of Givecloud. It's a phenomenal fit for organizations who have a high level of merchandise sales.

Interested in taking it for a test drive? Let us know at help@givecloud.co.

Dec 10

Email-Only (or Letter-Only) Tributes

       Dan Ramdial

Previously, a manual update was required to support email-only tributes. We have improved the tribute settings so you can limit tributes to email-only (or letter-only).

Dec 7

Gift Adjustments in DonorPerfect

       Josh Bloomfield

When refunding orders in Givecloud, you'll see the option to do a full refund versus a partial refund. When performing a full refund, Givecloud will automatically adjust all the linked gifts in DonorPerfect to $0 to indicate that a refund has been issued.

Be sure you check your DonorPerfect settings screen and enable "Auto-Sync Order Refunds".

For now, partial refunds still require manual adjustments in DonorPerfect. We are hard at work on better partial refund support that will allow you to identify which line items need refunding, and subsequently, which gifts will be adjusted in DonorPerfect. Keep an eye on your updates feed for more info in 2019.

Dec 5

Fixed Missing Fields in DP Sync

       Dan Ramdial

Previously, address2 wasn't being pushed to the donor in DonorPerfect. ty_date and emailsentty_date were also missing on new gifts when receipts were issued from Givecloud.

Nov 22

Status Page

       Josh Bloomfield

Get a sneak-peak into our internal monitoring and server status. https://givecloud.co/status

Nov 18

Page Load Improvements

       Josh Bloomfield

We love mastering technology - because we love nonprofits and because we love building amazing tools. In that spirit, our team identified and deployed a performance improvement that will allow your Givecloud pages to serve more donors per second than ever before.

Huge thanks to Tim for his incredible brain and proactive attitude!

Overall, you'll likely not notice a difference in the performance of your site. However, in peak fundraising times, your Givecloud pages will be able to handle about 1000% more traffic per second than previously.

Nov 14

Seasonal Performance Upgrade

       Tim Robertson

We've beefed up our servers ahead of your seasonal fundraising to help ensure a successful Giving Tuesday and holiday season!

Nov 8

Duplicate Recurring Charge Detection

       Josh Bloomfield

This item is available on a limited basis. You can request access at support@givecloud.co.

The long awaited update is here. Many of you have donors that have multiple recurring donations set up on the same day. Now, Givecloud has intelligence that detects when the same card will be charged more than once. In those cases, Givecloud groups those charges together into a single charge while still tracking the individual reasons for the payment. This keeps your donor's bank statement simpler, saves you on fees, and speeds up the transaction processing.

This is being tested with a handful of clients. We'll let you know once it is live :)

Oct 25

BOGO Discount Support

       Tim Robertson

You can now create Buy-One-Get-%-OFF or Buy-One-Get-$-OFF promotional codes for your merchandise, events, classes, or anything else you sell.

From the left menu, go to Sell & Fundraise > Promocodes, then click Add. Once you do, you'll see a setting for "Buy X Get Dollar Discount" and "Buy X Get Percent Discount". Follow the on-screen instructions and give it a try :)

Oct 10

Decline Detection & Captcha Support

       Tim Robertson

We now track the number of times a card is declined. After 3 declines, we require donors to complete a CAPTCHA test before they can try their card again. This makes it more difficult for fraudsters and robots to exploit your Givecloud payment forms to test black market credit cards.

Oct 2

Improved Account Export

       Dan Ramdial

We've added membership level to the account export.

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