Mar 21

Risk and Fraud Prevention: Mark as Spam and Spam Reporting Status

       Kimberly Arcand

Here at Givecloud, we work hard for you to ensure you have the built-in features you can use to manage payment risk and prevent fraud. In our latest release, we have created a Mark as Spam feature to help you review and manage fraudulent payments directly in your Givecloud admin.

Mark and filter fraudulent payments and supporter profiles using the Mark as Spam status option. Mark a single or bulk mark multiple records to refund and categorize the fraudulent payments or supporter profiles. This will separate the fraudulent records from your actual Givecloud Database but will still allow you to review these records by selecting Status > Spam/ Fraud on your All Contributions and All Supporter Reports.

When you mark a contribution as Spam & Refund, Givecloud will,

  1. Marks both the contribution and the supporter associated with the contributions as Spam/Fraud.

  2. Givecloud will try to issue a refund. It's important to note that in some instances, the payment may have already been refunded directly in the payment gateway. Issuing a full refund of the fraudulent contributions will prevent costly chargebacks.

  3. If you use SafeSave, PaySafe, NMI or Stripe as a payment gateway, Givecloud will check the payment status before issuing the refund. If it has been refunded, Givecloud will update the contribution to be marked as refunded. If you use another payment gateway, please reach out to givecloud support, and we'll be happy to help mark those contributions as refunded.

  4. If you use, DonorPerfect, Givecloud will sync the refund to DonorPerfect. If Donor Records have been created, the donor records will need to be manually removed from DonorPerfect.

To learn more, please check out our help article,

Mar 13

Fundraising & DonorPerfect: User Defined Fields (UDFs) are available on Fundraising Experiences!

       Kimberly Arcand

DonorPerfect User Defined Fields (UDFs) are now available on Fundraising Experiences. If you have set up gift UDFs in DonorPerfect, Givecloud can push the data with Fundraising Experience forms.

UDFs can be set up on an experience-by-experience basis and are not a required field.

How to Request UDF Integration You'll need to let us know what UDFs you want your GC account to push to DonorPerfect. For each UDF you wish to integrate with, reach out to us at with the following information,

  • UDF Code
  • UDF Label
  • What type of field it is (text, dropdown)

The UDFs must be UDFs available on the Gifts screen in DonorPerfect. Sync up to 14 unique UDFs on Givecloud.

Once complete, your UDFs will appear as an option under Integrations > DonorPerfect on all Fundraising Experiences.

Mar 1

Daily Recurring Payment Processing email

Bug Fix
       Dan Ramdial

Between Feb 24th and March 1st inclusive, some subscribers may have not received their daily Recurring Payment Processing email. The problem is resolved and that email will now process successfully. This did not impact the processing of recurring payments.

Feb 7

Fundraising Experiences - Layouts

       Kimberly Arcand

We have deployed a new Layout tool for the fundraising experience. Choose between Simplified & Standard (a new layout) to customize how your supporters will view your fundraising experience. Review how your layout will look on with Desktop and Mobile view before going live.

We have deployed a new Layout tool for the fundraising experience. Choose between Simplified & Standard (a new layout) to customize how your supporters will view your fundraising experience. Along the left-hand side, you can now review how your layout will look on Desktop or Mobile even before you go live.

To learn more, check out our help article,

Feb 6

Fundraising - Export Fundraising Data from any Fundraising Experience Dashboard

       Kimberly Arcand

We have added a new feature that allows you to export your data for any specific fundraising experience directly from the fundraising dashboard.

You can download contributions, supporters or your 90-Day Performance data directly for any fundraising experience.

To access the data exports, please go to Fundraising, select a fundraising experience, select the three-dot menu in the right-hand corner and click on Export to CSV.

What information do the exports include?

Contributions: Deep dive into the contributions created by the specific fundraising experience, including information like amount, payment gateway responses, billing details and more.

Supporters: A simple-to-use report that allows you to review the supporters who gave to a specific fundraising experience, including details like supporter type, email, name and more.

90-Day Performance: An in-depth look into the performance of a specific fundraising experience over the last 90 days. The export is broken down by date and allows you to report on engagement, conversion, recurring revenue, DCC average amounts and percent, upsell opt-ins and much more.

Jan 31

Fundraising - Update to Sharing Tab

       Kimberly Arcand

We deployed an update to the fundraising experiences tabs. Sharing is replacing “Page View & Sharing.” Sharing now includes a live preview of your sharing settings. The ability to add a background image to your fundraising experience is now located under the Layout Tab.

Jan 25

Contributions - Visual Improvments to Supporter Overview and Risk Warnings Panel

       Kimberly Arcand

We've deployed an update to Contributions with visual improvements to the supporter overview and risk warnings panel.

Supporter Overview, located along the right-hand side of the contribution, now displays at the top of the page. Use the collapse arrow to see more information about the supporter, including email, billing address and DonorPerfect Donor ID. The Options dropdown now includes all your additional quick options, such as viewing or merging the supporter account.

Risk Warnings have been moved to a defined panel to reduce clutter.

Jan 24

Fundraising - Thank You Message Display

Bug Fix
       Kimberly Arcand

We deployed an update, so the custom thank you message now displays in the body of the Thank you email, regardless if you are a one-time or recurring donor.

Jan 23

Contributions - Improvements to Fulfillment

       Kimberly Arcand

Contributions with shippable items will be the only contributions that require fulfillment. Contributions that contain only non-shippable items no longer need you to mark them as fulfilled.

Past contributions with shippable items associated with the contribution will show their fulfillment status. If you have past contributions with non-shippable items, the contributions will no longer show as unfulfilled, keeping your contributions report clean and simple to view.

To learn more, check out our help article:

Jan 18

Fundraising - Tiles Template available for Fundraising

       Kimberly Arcand

Today we released a new template available for Fundraising Experiences called Tiles. The tiles experience is an alternative to our standard experience displaying default amounts in the tiles and is optimized for engagement and conversion.

To try out this new template,

  1. Go to Fundraising > Select an existing experience or + New Experience.
  2. Then select Customize > Template & Branding > View Templates.
Dec 1

Fundraising Experience Update: The payment drawer now shows Credit Card and Bank as separate buttons.

       Kimberly Arcand

The payment drawer now shows Credit Card and Bank as separate buttons on fundraising experiences. Click on either Bank/Credit Card reveals a single step to add your credit card or bank Information. Then click 'Continue' to add billing information.

Nov 30

More Visual and Supporter Interface Improvements to Fundraising Experiences

       Kimberly Arcand

We have updated some visual and supporter interface features to improve the Givecloud fundraising experience,

  • Simplified the "Donate" button on the front screen.
  • Added a new "Payment Drawer" that slides up with all the payment options when you click the "Donate" button.
  • Defined the "Give Now" button.
  • Clarity on the amount a supporter donates and how to change the amount by displaying the information on the "Give Now" screen.
Nov 25

Tracking & Analytics with Givecloud Fundraising Experiences

       Kimberly Arcand

We've made a huge improvement in tracking & analytics with Givecloud fundraising experiences. Manage your Google and Facebook donation tracking by a per fundraising experience.

Go to your fundraising experience dashboard screen, then select the kebab (three-dot) menu to find your Tracking & Analytic settings. Per fundraising experience, you can add a Google Analytics 4 ID, Tag Manager ID, Google Ads ID, and a Facebook Pixel ID.

Nov 25

Visual and Supporter Interface Updates to the Fundraising Experience

       Kimberly Arcand

We have added some new visual and supporter interface updates to the fundraising experience.

  • All theme color choices have been darkened and desaturated for improved contrast and accessibility and to conflict less with any other colors in the organization's brand.
  • Updated the language below the form to " Encrypted and Secured by Givecloud."
  • Improved contrast on Impact Promise (and adjusted the white space).
  • Added "Tap to Change" hint text when you mouse over the amount field.
Nov 2

Small but GREAT changes on how to view information on Contributions

       Nael Aljabi

Since we strive to show you the info that matters the most! We made a change to minimize the display of some information on the Payment section of a Contribution page. By default, you can now view the contribution amount, the DCC amount, and the payment method. You can still click on the down arrow to view additional details!

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