How to Elevate Your Year-End Fundraising Campaign Using AI

Ally Orlando Senior Copywriter at DonorPerfect
Discover how AI complements your creativity, saving time on tasks like generating text for donation forms, appeals, and more.

The final quarter of the year can be intense for fundraisers. End-of-year campaigns require meticulous planning and thoughtful content creation, making it the perfect moment to delegate tasks to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

For those not familiar, this technology generates content based on user guidance, allowing communicators to save significant time – reportedly up to three hours per content piece, according to HubSpot. AI isn’t here to replace talented fundraisers, but to bless them with extra time and better results.

In other words, while AI handles time-consuming tasks (that often yield minimal returns), you lead with your creativity and passion. Think of yourself as the conductor of a grand symphony, and AI as your concertmaster or second-in-command. You create the unique sound and vision, and your concertmaster decodes it for the orchestra to transmit to the audience.

Year-end fundraising tasks you can delegate to AI

Fundraisers are often tasked with the messaging and personalization of their organization’s Giving Tuesday efforts and end-of-year appeals. With AI, you can translate your message in a variety of voices, tones, and styles, and update old messaging to reflect your latest projects, statistics, and news to share.

AI can generate:

  • Text for your online donation form

5 Practical Applications for Year-End Fundraising

While AI is a great remedy for writer’s block, it doesn’t know your mission and your community like you do. To use this technology effectively, be specific in the instructions you give and careful in the edits you make. Provide enough context (timeframe, goal, sector, mission, audience, intent, etc.) for it to generate something that is unique to your organization and campaign.

Creating original campaign content

For example, you could ask AI to generate a thank-you email template for your Giving Tuesday donors, introducing them to your monthly giving program as a convenient way to stay involved and informed in the new year.

To make your prompt more specific, you can ask AI to write this template using emotional language that inspires the donor to maintain their impact over time. Be sure to provide details that are pertinent to your campaign, like the specific initiative you’re hoping to fund on Giving Tuesday, and the impact their monthly gift would have over the course of a year. You can even ask it to write a different template for each monthly gift amount in your program.

Optimizing campaign content for search value

Ask AI to optimize your content for search engines and social media feeds, making sure it’s easy to find. This is especially important at the end of the year when many nonprofits are trying to reach their supporters, so your message will stand out.

For example, say you’re asking AI to generate three social media posts introducing your year-end campaign, you can also ask it to suggest three times of day when your target demographic is most likely to spend time online, and what keywords and hashtags might have the best search value.

Personalizing campaign content for targeted outreach

At the end of the year, it’s often a good idea to target a specific donor group – like major givers who will be making tax-deductible donations and younger donors who may want to start small with Giving Tuesday. You can use AI to make sure your message resonates with a certain group, or ask it to translate the same message for different groups.

For example, you might use AI to craft text messages to donors under 25 who donated online during your previous year-end campaign, thanking them and asking them to make their donation recurring this year. Provide your AI tool with details that highlight the simplicity of your donation process, such as online forms that accept digital wallets.

Organizing content for desired recency and frequency

Having trouble scheduling your end-of-year content, or tackling Giving Tuesday concurrently? You can task AI with generating a multichannel content calendar for November and December that includes announcements, reminders, and updates about your campaign.

Ask AI to suggest optimal send dates and times for your specific audience and their preferred communication channels. If you’re having AI write these appeals for you, ask it to use language that inspires urgency – and increase the sense of urgency as send dates get closer to Giving Tuesday and/or December 31st.

Repurposing old content for your current campaign

Successful content from previous campaigns doesn’t have to go to waste. It can easily be refreshed for current campaigns with a little help from AI. Last year’s appeal can become this year’s social media posts in seconds. The best part is, all of your details have already been added to the copy, so you can simply ask AI to regenerate it with an updated date, tone, or format – whatever needs changing.

For example, maybe you had a successful year-end appeal in the past that you want to repeat, but with a new or simplified donation process. Ask AI to regenerate the appeal and add instructions to scan a QR code that links to your online form, making it much easier for donors who would typically mail or call in their payments. If you’re targeting a different group this year, ask AI to regenerate the appeal for a different audience or channel.

AI is your ally, not your replacement. With AI by your side, you have the tools to make this year-end campaign your most successful one yet – arming yourself with a wealth of data and insights, making more informed decisions, segmenting audiences more effectively, and executing campaigns with remarkable precision.

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