Trust Begins with YOU

Kimberly Arcand
Discover the secret to building trust in relationships - starting with trust in yourself. Cultivate self-trust, fulfill your goals, and embrace confidence to become a trustworthy and charismatic leader that inspires others.

The idea of trust and how we, as organizations, can build our own at both the organizational level as well as with our audience is something that’s talked about quite often. We want to build strong relationships among our team and with our supporters and stakeholders but the journey of getting there may seem difficult or foggy.  

We know it’s easy to focus on external actions we can take to build trust with little vulnerability or personal accountability on our own part. We wonder what we can do to persuade others to trust us, but perhaps the secret to trust is within ourselves.

Do You Trust Yourself?

Relationships require trust on both sides with the cultivation of a circle of trust. From magazine quizzes to professional counseling, there is an abundance of relationship tips available. Regardless of the credibility of these sources, they all tend to agree that the foundation of a healthy relationship is trust. Building trust in a relationship doesn’t happen overnight.

Trust is obtained gradually as you accumulate experiences. The same applies to your relationship with yourself and it starts by genuinely caring about YOU.

In a relationship, do you and your partner say what they mean and do what they say? That would be ideal, wouldn’t it? 

When words and behavior match up, we begin to trust each other and gain assurance that those words are not hollow. When we tell ourselves something, make a promise to ourselves, and we don’t do it, we lose trust in our ability to follow through. We end up feeling disappointed in ourselves. It’s our human nature to want to accomplish something (big or small). Each time we follow through on our commitments to ourselves, we build self-trust, and our confidence increases.

We need to set goals for ourselves, fulfill those goals, and enjoy the fantastic feeling of accomplishment.

Feeling Good, Feeling Confident

When we have built trust in ourselves and in our abilities, we can relax into pursuing confidence. An inward expression of confidence is a deep compassion towards yourself that you CAN reach your goal. It doesn’t mean you won’t feel uncomfortable or anxious while you do it, but there is an inner peace when you know you can overcome whatever is put in front of you.

Confidence in yourself means that you trust in yourself to get it done. This doesn’t mean you have all the answers but it means that you trust in your ability to figure it out.

Confident people tend to listen more then they speak. Confident people know that when allowing time to listen, it helps them understand the people around them. When we come from a place of understanding, it is easier to build relationships and trust. Confidence is charismatic and charismatic people are trustworthy and strong leaders.

With confidence comes certainty. When you are certain about something, you are more likely to take action. This circles back to the idea of building trust over time when you consistently deliver on what you say and commit to. Others (your team and your stakeholders) see your certainty and confidence and they are drawn to this behavior and trust you to lead them effectively.

Confidence is Contagious

The idea that confidence is contagious, isn’t just a common belief, it is scientifically proven. Biologically, we are more likely to be influenced by confident people. Our brains use cues based on the reliability of others’ knowledge to help generate our own personal experiences.

Your confidence will attract others. Then as you continue to show up, follow through and help your cause succeed, the trust will presumably grow.

It’s Time to Trust in YOU

There is no quick jump to the end result without first evaluating from within. Any step towards building trust with your followers without first trusting yourself will lack authenticity. Take care of yourself, believe in your ability, and Trust in YOU first.

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