9 Software Solutions Offering Generous Discounts for Nonprofits

Samantha Ste Marie
Are you looking for the best software solutions for your nonprofit but without breaking the bank, or budget? Here are nine solutions that offer generous discounts to nonprofits.

Running a nonprofit organization is no easy feat. Between organizing events, managing volunteers, and fundraising, it can feel like there’s always something new to tackle. And while you might not think of software as a “fun” part of running a nonprofit, having the right tools at your disposal can make a world of difference.

That’s where nonprofit discounts come in – they’re like finding a pot of gold at the end of the software rainbow. With reduced pricing or even free access to software products, nonprofits can get their hands on tools that help them achieve their goals without breaking the bank.

In this blog post, we’re taking a deep dive into seven different pieces of software that offer nonprofit discounts. From project management to donor management and marketing, these software solutions can help you streamline your operations, communicate more effectively, and get more done. But it’s not just about finding any old software – you need to choose the right one that meets your organization’s unique needs and can grow with you as you evolve.

So, how can you go about choosing the right software? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll walk you through how to conduct a needs assessment, research software solutions, compare pricing and features, and read reviews from other nonprofit users. It’s all about making an informed decision that sets you up for success.

In the end, taking advantage of nonprofit discounts and selecting the right software solution can be a game-changer for your nonprofit organization. So let’s get started on finding the perfect software rainbow for your pot of gold!

How to pick the right software solution for your nonprofit

It’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of selecting the perfect software solution for your nonprofit. Don’t worry, we’ll make this as painless and even enjoyable as possible!

First up, conducting a needs assessment.

Think of this like going on a shopping trip – you need to know what you’re looking for before you hit the stores. Take some time to identify the specific features and functionalities that your organization requires. Do you need a volunteer management system? A donor management system? Maybe both? Once you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for, you can start your search with purpose.

Next, it’s time to research different software solutions.

This is where you can put your inner detective to work. Check out the websites of software companies that offer discounts to nonprofits and see if their solutions align with your needs. Pay attention to the pricing and features – some software solutions may seem great at first glance, but the cost can quickly add up. Keep an eye out for any hidden fees, limitations, and even a-la-carte options.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential software solutions, it’s time to compare them side-by-side.

This is where you get to put on your best game show host voice and say, “Let’s compare what’s behind door number one and door number two!” Take a look at the pricing, features, and any additional perks that come with each solution. Make note of any pros and cons for each one.

Last but not least, it’s time to read reviews from other nonprofit users.

Think of this like getting recommendations from friends who have already tried out a new restaurant. Check out websites like Capterra and G2 Crowd to see what other nonprofits have to say about the software solutions you’re considering. Keep in mind that everyone’s experience may be different, but reviews can provide valuable insights into how the software works in the real world.

By conducting a needs assessment, researching software solutions, comparing pricing and features, and reading reviews from other nonprofit users, you can find the right software solution to support your organization’s mission. And with nonprofit discounts available from software companies, you can do it all without breaking the bank.

So let’s get shopping for that perfect software solution!

Here are 9 top notch software solutions that offer discounts for nonprofits

Mailchimp offers a 15% discount for nonprofits

If you’re a nonprofit organization looking to grow your audience and connect with supporters, consider using Mailchimp. This popular email marketing platform offers a discount for eligible nonprofits, making it a cost-effective and efficient tool for your marketing and fundraising efforts.

Mailchimp‘s nonprofit discount offers eligible organizations a 15% discount on their standard pricing plans. To qualify, nonprofits must be registered with TechSoup, a nonprofit technology organization that provides access to discounted software and services. Once approved by TechSoup, nonprofits can sign up for a Mailchimp account and apply the discount to their billing.

Mailchimp is more than just an email marketing platform. It offers a wide range of features, including audience management tools, social media integration, and even website building capabilities. With these tools, nonprofits can streamline their marketing efforts and save time and resources, all while reaching a larger audience.

Mailchimp’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for even those with limited technical expertise to get started. Plus, Mailchimp offers extensive resources and support, including online tutorials, webinars, and a dedicated support team, to help nonprofits get the most out of their platform.

Constant Contact offers a 30% discount for nonprofits

Constant Contact is a veteran email marketing platform that provides discounts to eligible nonprofits. With two decades of experience in the industry, Constant Contact has a proven track record of assisting organizations in growing and succeeding through effective email marketing.

Similar to Mailchimp, Constant Contact provides eligible nonprofits with a 30% discount on their standard pricing plans. Nonprofits must be registered with TechSoup to qualify for the discount. Once approved, nonprofits can sign up for a Constant Contact account and apply the discount to their billing.

Constant Contact offers a broad range of features to assist nonprofits in connecting with their audience and establishing lasting relationships. Nonprofits can use the platform to create and send professional-looking emails, automate email campaigns, and even build surveys to collect feedback from supporters.

Like Mailchimp, Constant Contact provides a user-friendly interface and a plethora of resources and support to help nonprofits get started and make the most of their platform. This includes a library of online resources, webinars, tutorials, and a dedicated support team available by phone or email.

Salesforce offers a 50% discount to nonprofits

Salesforce isn’t just a cloud-based software company that helps businesses grow their customer relationships, they’re also committed to giving back to the community through their 1-1-1 model. This means they donate 1% of their time, equity, and products to charitable causes. How cool is that? As part of this commitment, they offer a nonprofit discount on their products to help organizations better serve their communities.

Eligible nonprofits can receive a 50% discount on Salesforce products like Salesforce CRM, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud. To qualify for the discount, your nonprofit must be registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States or a registered charity in Canada or the United Kingdom. You’ll also need to provide documentation verifying your nonprofit status.

By taking advantage of the Salesforce nonprofit discount, your organization can use powerful CRM tools to manage donors, volunteers, and programs more efficiently. Salesforce CRM provides a centralized platform to manage interactions with donors, track donations, and report on fundraising campaigns. You can also create personalized marketing campaigns with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and streamline your customer service operations with the Service Cloud.

Salesforce even offers products specifically designed for nonprofits, like Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud. These products are tailored to meet the unique needs of nonprofit organizations, providing features like volunteer management, grant management, and program management.

In addition to the nonprofit discount, Salesforce provides a wealth of resources to help nonprofits get the most out of their products. You can access the Power of Us Hub, a community of nonprofit users who share best practices, tips, and resources. With Salesforce, your nonprofit can focus on making a difference in the world while they take care of the technology.

Airtable offers a 50% discount to nonprofits

Airtable is the cloud-based collaboration tool that makes working with teams and data feel like a breeze. And the best part? They offer discounts to eligible nonprofits!

With Airtable, nonprofits can track all kinds of data, from donor information to program outcomes and impact. And don’t worry about getting lost in a sea of spreadsheets – Airtable offers tons of templates and customization options to make sure you’re tracking the data that matters most to you.

But Airtable isn’t just about managing data – it’s also great for managing projects and collaborating with team members. You can assign tasks, communicate with colleagues, and keep everything organized in one place. No more endless email threads or confusing file sharing!

And the best part? Nonprofits can get a 50% discount on their Plus or Pro pricing plans with Airtable’s nonprofit discount. To qualify, just make sure your nonprofit is registered with TechSoup.

Airtable also provides lots of resources and support to help nonprofits make the most of their platform. From webinars to tutorials to a dedicated support team, they’ve got you covered.

Monday.com offers a 30% discount for nonprofits

Looking for a work management platform that can help your nonprofit run smoothly? Look no further than Monday.com! Not only is it a popular choice among businesses, but it also offers a generous discount for eligible nonprofits.

With Monday.com, you’ll get access to a variety of tools designed to streamline your team’s collaboration and project management. And with a 30% discount for qualified nonprofits, you can get even more out of this powerful platform.

To qualify for the discount, your organization will need to be registered as a nonprofit in the US or as a charity in Canada, the UK, or Australia. Once you’ve provided the necessary documentation, you’ll be ready to start using Monday.com’s powerful features.

Customizable templates make it easy to manage everything from fundraising campaigns to volunteer coordination. And with time tracking, project budgeting, and resource management tools, you’ll be able to maximize your nonprofit’s impact and achieve your goals more efficiently.

Quickbooks offers a 50% discount to nonprofits for their first year

QuickBooks is the superhero of accounting software, providing businesses and nonprofits with powerful tools to manage their finances. With a special nonprofit discount, eligible organizations can enjoy a 50% discount on QuickBooks Online subscription for the first year.

To qualify for the nonprofit discount, organizations must be registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits in the United States or registered charities in Canada, and provide documentation verifying their nonprofit status.

With QuickBooks, nonprofits can track their expenses, manage their budgets, and create professional invoices. The software’s reporting capabilities also enable nonprofits to generate detailed financial reports to make better-informed decisions.

QuickBooks offers several nonprofit-specific features, including the ability to track donations and grants. Nonprofits can create custom reports to track fundraising campaign performance and monitor their progress towards their goals.

QuickBooks also provides access to a dedicated nonprofit support team, offering personalized support and guidance to help nonprofits achieve their financial goals. Say goodbye to financial management headaches with QuickBooks.

Zapier offers a 15% discount for nonprofits

If you’re looking to streamline your nonprofit’s workflow, Zapier has got you covered! This automation tool is popular among businesses and nonprofits alike and offers a discount for eligible organizations.

With Zapier, you can automate repetitive tasks and integrate your favorite apps, such as QuickBooks, Salesforce, and HubSpot. And with a 15% discount for qualified nonprofits, you can save even more time and resources.

To qualify for the discount, your organization will need to be registered as a nonprofit in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia. Once you’ve provided the necessary documentation, you’ll be able to take advantage of Zapier’s robust reporting capabilities and nonprofit-specific features.

With Zapier, you can automate donation processing and event registration, as well as integrate your fundraising campaigns with your email marketing and social media efforts. And if you ever need help, Zapier’s dedicated nonprofit support team is there for you.

In addition to the discount, Zapier offers a wealth of training resources, including a knowledge base, video tutorials, and webinars. So why not give Zapier a try and see how it can help your nonprofit save time and achieve its goals more efficiently?

WordPress provides a discount on their website and hosting services for nonprofits

WordPress is a popular content management system that powers millions of websites around the world. WordPress offers a nonprofit discount to eligible organizations to help them build and maintain their online presence.

The nonprofit discount from WordPress provides eligible organizations with a discount on its hosting and website building services. To qualify for the nonprofit discount, an organization must be a registered nonprofit organization in the United States or a registered charity in the United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia. In addition, the organization must provide documentation verifying its nonprofit status.

Nonprofits can benefit from a range of powerful website building tools to help them create a professional and engaging online presence. The platform offers a range of customizable templates and themes, allowing organizations to create a website that reflects their unique brand and message. WordPress also provides robust content management capabilities, allowing nonprofits to easily create, edit, and publish content.

WordPress provides a dedicated nonprofit support team, who can provide personalized support and guidance to help nonprofits achieve their website building goals, as well as training resources, such as video tutorials and webinars.

Atlassian gives up to a 75% off discount to nonprofits

If you’re a nonprofit looking for software tools to help you collaborate and manage your projects more efficiently, Atlassian has got you covered! This popular software company offers a discount to eligible nonprofits, making it easier to achieve your goals.

With Atlassian, you can access a range of powerful tools, including Jira, Confluence, and Trello, at a significant discount. To qualify, your organization will need to be registered as a nonprofit in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia and provide documentation verifying your status.

Atlassian’s tools allow you to manage tasks, track progress, and collaborate in real-time, so you can stay on top of projects and achieve your mission. And with nonprofit-specific features like volunteer scheduling, donation tracking, and fundraising event organization, you’ll have everything you need to succeed.

Atlassian also provides a dedicated nonprofit support team to offer personalized support and guidance, so you can make the most of their software tools. And with the ability to create custom workflows and automate repetitive tasks, you’ll have more time to focus on what really matters – your nonprofit’s mission.

Canva provides nonprofits with a free subscription to their premium features

Canva is an online graphic design tool that allows users to create all sorts of visual content – from social media graphics to posters and presentations. Canva offers eligible nonprofit organizations a discount to help them create professional-quality designs and visuals to promote their mission and activities.

With Canva’s nonprofit discount, organizations get free access to Canva’s premium features, which include thousands of premium templates, millions of high-quality images and illustrations, and advanced design tools. To qualify for the nonprofit discount, an organization must be a registered nonprofit or charity with tax-exempt status in their respective country.

Nonprofits can then create stunning visual content with ease using Canva’s user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and customizable templates, graphics, and illustrations. Plus, Canva offers features specifically tailored to the needs of nonprofits, such as creating donation buttons and fundraising materials.

Not only that, but nonprofits can also use Canva to create visually appealing reports, brochures, and other collateral materials to help promote their cause. Canva’s dedicated nonprofit support team is always on hand to provide guidance, and the platform offers plenty of training resources, including video tutorials and webinars, to help nonprofits learn how to use the platform effectively.

Get started with these nonprofit discounts

If you’re a nonprofit looking to stretch your budget and access the tools you need to succeed, take advantage of the nonprofit discounts offered by software companies.

And don’t forget about Givecloud, which provides a powerful and intuitive fundraising platform designed specifically for nonprofits. With Givecloud Express, eligible organizations can receive a free account that includes all of the essential fundraising features they need to get started.

So, why not take the first step in empowering your nonprofit by signing up for a Givecloud Express account today?

With access to powerful fundraising tools at no cost, you can focus on what really matters – making a positive impact in your community.

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