Boost Your Donor Retention Rate by 19% by Using Salesforce with Givecloud

Samantha Ste Marie
Does your nonprofit use Salesforce or are you thinking about using it but want to make sure it's the right option for you. Here's what you need to know about using Salesforce for your nonprofit.

Nonprofit organizations face unique challenges in managing relationships with their donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries. One tool that can help streamline these relationships and increase efficiency is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Through a CRM, nonprofits can manage their relationships with donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries. A CRM system can help nonprofits streamline their operations and increase efficiency by centralizing all their data in one place. This enables nonprofits to better understand their constituents and make data-driven decisions to improve their programs and fundraising efforts.

A nonprofit CRM system can help manage donations, volunteers, events, and campaigns, among other things. By using a CRM system, nonprofits can track donor and volunteer engagement, manage event registration, and target fundraising campaigns more effectively.

In fact:

  • undefined of nonprofits said that data management was their biggest challenge in donor retention. A CRM system can help nonprofits effectively manage donor data and improve retention rates.

And if that doesn’t show you why you need a CRM, just have a look at what our friends over at HAWS had to say about their experience before having their CRM and Givecloud:

“[Managing our database] was something we struggled with for a long time. We tried to use our animal database (that we use to track all our adoptable animals) to store our donor information. The software was literally made for animal sheltering, so that did not work out.

Once we had gotten a subscription for DonorPerfect it really changed how we were even just interacting with our donors. Now we have the ability to put in our content history and donors different interests and whatnot.”

Alright, now that we’ve convinced you that a CRM is kind of a MUST for nonprofits, let’s get into the other juicy stuff!

In this blog post, we’re highlighting one of the most popular CRMs among nonprofits, which is Salesforce and why it’s crucial to make sure your CRM can integrate with your fundraising software, like Givecloud.

What is Salesforce and How it Helps Nonprofits

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM system that is widely used by nonprofits. Salesforce offers a variety of tools to help nonprofits manage their relationships with donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries. Nonprofits can use Salesforce to track donations, manage events, communicate with donors, and more.

One of the key benefits of Salesforce for nonprofits is its ability to integrate with other software tools, like Givecloud. Salesforce offers a marketplace of over 4,000 apps and integrations, allowing nonprofits to customize their CRM system to meet their specific needs.

For example, nonprofits can integrate Salesforce with Givecloud to track donations and donor information in real-time.

Salesforce also offers a range of resources and support for nonprofits, including discounted pricing, training resources, and a community of nonprofit users. The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a free, open-source tool designed specifically for nonprofits. The NPSP includes pre-built reports and dashboards, fundraising and donor management tools, and volunteer and program management features.

Why it’s Important to Integrate your CRM with your Online Fundraising Software

Integrating your CRM with your online fundraising software is important for several reasons:

Real-time Data:Integrating your CRM with your online fundraising software allows for real-time data syncing, ensuring that your CRM is always up-to-date with the latest donor information and donation details. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures accuracy and efficiency.

Targeted Campaigns: By integrating your CRM with your online fundraising software, you can segment your donor list based on giving history, engagement levels, and other criteria. This allows you to target specific groups of donors with tailored fundraising campaigns, resulting in higher engagement and increased giving.

Personalization: Integrating your CRM with your online fundraising software allows you to personalize your communications with donors. With real-time data syncing, you can send personalized thank-you messages and follow-up emails based on each donor’s giving history and preferences.

Increased Efficiency: Integrating your CRM with your online fundraising software streamlines your operations and reduces the need for manual data entry. This saves time and increases efficiency, allowing your team to focus on building relationships with donors and executing successful fundraising campaigns.

Overall, integrating your CRM with your online fundraising software is essential for nonprofits that want to maximize their fundraising efforts and build strong relationships with donors. It allows for real-time data syncing, targeted campaigns, personalization, and increased efficiency, resulting in higher engagement and increased giving.

Get Started With Givecloud and Salesforce

If you want to enhance your nonprofit’s donations while integrating with Salesforce, Givecloud’s exceptional donor experience is the ultimate solution. Givecloud has an unmatched reputation for increasing revenue, improving conversions, and strengthening donor commitment, making it the quickest route to more donations.

Moreover, Givecloud can be set up in as little as three minutes, and there are no one-time setup fees or contractual obligations, making it a risk-free option to explore.

So, why not offer your donors the experience they deserve and witness how Givecloud can help you collect more funds while also increasing advocacy and loyalty.

Get started with Givecloud today to create your elite donor experience!

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