5 Ways to Help Your Non-Profit Bounce Back from the Pandemic

Nonprofits across the globe are working to bounce back from the ongoing effects of the pandemic. Here are 5 ways to help your organization bounce back.

Nonprofits across the globe are working to bounce back from the ongoing effects of the pandemic. While non-profits have been struggling for sustainable donations and volunteers, there are still ways that your organization can recover.

Here are 5 ways to help your organization bounce back from the pandemic.

  1.         Embrace Technology

Embrace Technology

If the pandemic has taught us anything it is that virtual platforms, virtual communications, virtual meetings, and webinars are on the upswing. Even when organizations can get back to “normal” there will still be a heavy reliance on technology.

Lean into the technology, understand all the features your donor platform has to offer (check out the Givecloud platform here, if you are looking to make a switch), many have robust reporting tools.

urthermore, reaching out to periodic donors can entice them to give more sustainably, and your donor platform should be able to tell you who your periodic donors are. Does your donor platform give your donors the ability to set up monthly contributions? If so, take advantage of that!

Virtual communications are also on the rise, save cost by sending thank you emails for their donations and reiterate your mission and vision in your emails, so they feel more connected to your cause. Host virtual meetings or webinars and invite your donors to attend, talk up how your nonprofit is doing in terms of reaching its mission, and what their donations are impacting.

Consistent Communication to Donors

Make sure you are communicating with your donors! Let them know how your organization is doing, who you are helping, and the changes you are making. Do you have a new employee?

Let your donors know who is new to your team! Did you land an amazing grant that can really help your cause? Let your donors know! Have you enlisted new volunteers for your cause? Donors would love to know that!

Open Communication to Employees and Volunteers

Featured in a previous blog, 5 Ways to Create a Culture of Success in Your Nonprofit, open communication is key to the success of your nonprofit. Discuss your successes and difficulties with your employees and volunteers.

Employees are especially invaluable to helping your organization navigate a problem as they know the nonprofit inside and out and are dedicated to its cause.

Remind the Public of Your Mission and Importance

Update your website frequently and post a link in your emails and other communications. The more traffic to your website the greater impact your cause can have. Make sure that it clearly states on your website, and in your communications, the mission of your organization and why it is valuable to your cause.

Your website is the basis for the connection your donors will have to your nonprofit, so it should be clear, concise, and updated. Impact-driven messaging on your website can go a long way in building trust with your supporters.

Utilize Social Media

Create a marketing plan for your organization and set up your social media accounts. Your marketing plan should have specific objectives and your posts should reflect that. Social media is also great for bringing in donations. Remember that different demographics and users are on different platforms, so don’t just use Facebook or Instagram because Twitter, Tik Tok, and LinkedIn are just as important for a large and sustainable donor base.

Also ensure that you are tailoring your message on each platform, for example, LinkedIn is a more formal platform while Twitter and Tik Tok are more casual.

Nonprofits have already proved their resilience many times over. When you are passionate about your mission and you are open to change you will do great things. We can’t wait to see you bounce back even better than before.

Givecloud has been able to simplify digital fundraising for so many organizations and you’re next.

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