8 Wins for Nonprofits During 2021!


Nonprofits have shown true resilience as they've navigated the past year. To celebrate, let's recap everything that's been achieved in 2021.

Reflecting over the last 12 months, it’s amazing to see what nonprofits around the world have accomplished despite the many obstacles they faced! They've shown true resilience as they’ve navigated a difficult time. To celebrate, let's take a look at everything that’s been achieved in the year 2021. 

1) Increased Recurring Donors

We all know that recurring donors are more valuable than one-time donors, in fact, they bring in nearly three times more donations! So it’s a big accomplishment to learn that in 2021, monthly giving has increased by 23%

2) Navigating Change and Trying New Things

All sectors, nonprofit and for-profit, have experienced tremendous amounts of uncertainty during the pandemic but we’ve managed to navigate these times through flexibility and innovation. Nonprofits have made a concerted effort to get out of their comfort zone and try new things including having great success with virtual volunteers, virtual events, and hybrid events! 

3) A Personalized Donor Experience

Donors are more likely to give when they receive a personalized donor experience and in 2021, the nonprofit sector crushed this trend! 

Going above and beyond adding donors' names to emails, nonprofits found creative and innovative ways to personalize the giving experience including features like sharing a donor’s impact or creating personalized video messages to say thank you.

4) Storytelling Through Social Media

Social media is an integral touchpoint on a donor’s journey. It’s where donors go to learn more about your cause, mission, and how they can help. Over the last year, nonprofits have done a wonderful job continuing to use social media to share their stories and emotionally connect with their supporters and build community. 

5) Investing In Innovation

For years now, the nonprofit sector has been moving slowly towards digitalization but it wasn't until Covid that we took the risk and began heavily investing in digital-fundraising solutions. As a result, organizations have streamlined their fundraising practices and gone digital to help save time and money. The risk paid off and resulted in online giving increasing by 12.1% last year

6)Embracing Diverse Leadership

Thanks to movements like #BlackLivesMatter, we are progressing towards a better world. And no industry is scrutinized for its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion plan like the nonprofits themselves who are advocating for a better world. 

In 2021, nonprofits made strides to hire more diversity, reconsider their own biases, and promote more diversity, inclusivity, and equity through DEI Plans, seminars, and workshops. 

7) Records Shattered On 2021’s #GivingTuesday

A record-shattering 2.7 Billion dollars was donated on #GivingTuesday 2021 which is up 9% from last year! This is great news for the sector, as more than ever, nonprofit services are in demand from the communities they serve. 

8) Engaging the Younger Generation

As wealth continues to transfer down to the younger generations, it becomes increasingly important to find innovative ways to engage Millennials and Gen Z’s. It’s a big win to learn that of those that have increased their yearly giving in 2021, 17% were between the ages of 18-34 (which is more than any other age group)!


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