5 Ways to Create a Culture of Success in Your Nonprofit

Guest Writer Kate from TLAW
What does the culture of your nonprofit say about your potential for future success? Learn 5 factors that enhance culture and your employee’s success!

What does the culture of your nonprofit say about your potential for future success? A healthy and productive organizational culture gives your employees the chance to succeed and help the nonprofit grow.

Keep reading to learn how these 5 factors enhance your nonprofits culture and your employee’s success.

  • Communicate


1. Communication

Be open in your communication about the challenges and successes of the nonprofit. If there is a struggle, your employees are your best resource to figure out how to navigate it.

A success?

Who better to celebrate with than your team! Break down cultural barriers and get to know your team as individuals and hold in person events (pandemic permitting) to encourage your team to communicate and build relationships as well. The best way for a team to work together is to get to know each other as more than just work peers and colleagues.


2. Empower

Empower, and empower, and empower some more! Empower your team so they can confidently share their ideas and not fear making mistakes. Get to know them, be honest, offer productive feedback, and praise.

Most importantly, provide them with the tools, resources, and support needed to be successful in getting the job done. Their success is the nonprofit’s success!


3. Seek feedback

Whether you are looking for ideas, inspiration, or critical feedback, your team is your greatest resource. If you are part of a smaller nonprofit, then seek feedback face to face with your employees.

Make sure that you give your team a heads up when looking for critical feedback so they can prepare and are not put on the spot. Offer engagement surveys and surveys on ways to improve the nonprofit.

By seeking feedback, you are letting your team know that their opinions are important and that they have an impact on the nonprofit.


4. Model the Way

Model the behaviors that you want to see in your team. If you want an open and honest team then you must be open and honest.

The best way to foster a collaborative work environment is for you to work collaboratively with your team and others. When it comes to setting the tone and culture of your nonprofit, you are your best resource.


5. Coach, train, and develop

Invest in your team! Make certain that newly hired employees are getting adequate training, tools, and resources they will need to succeed in a new environment.

Develop your team by discussing their needs to grow within the nonprofit and even elsewhere. Coach your team and encourage them to coach each other, and even you!

Offer training courses and development sessions to your tenured employees as well. People want to grow, learn, and contribute and offering your team the tools and resources to continue to grow is key to future success.

The success of a nonprofit is established through the internal culture of the organization. Happy, thriving, and empowered employees are productive for the nonprofit.

A strong culture also gives employees a reason to be passionate about your nonprofit and the work that it does. Happy, thriving, employees also help to create other happy and thriving employees through teamwork and support.

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