Minimizing the Effects of the Great Resignation on Your Nonprofit


“Great Resignation” has no doubt been a term that nonprofit leaders have heard recently. What is causing this trend and how can your nonprofit hold on to talent?

“Great Resignation” has no doubt been a term that nonprofit leaders have heard recently. The United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported a whopping 4 million Americans quit their jobs in July 2021, and globally that number is even higher. What is causing this trend in employee resignation? How can your nonprofit hold on to the talent it has? Keep reading to find out ways to retain top talent!

  •         Strong organizational culture
  •         Robust reward systems
  •         Competitive Pay
  •         Tools and Resources to Learn and Grow
  •         Mentor/Mentee Program

Strong Organizational Culture

The culture of your nonprofit is set by the leaders. Culture is the norms, values, beliefs, and behaviors of your leadership and overall workforce. A strong culture consists of empowered employees that have rewards to meet their needs and expectations as well as tools and resources to continually learn and grow personally and professionally. Finally, a strong organizational culture has leaders who walk the walk and act as role models in terms of the organization’s morals and values.

Robust Reward Systems

How do the employees of your nonprofit prefer to be rewarded? Do they enjoy a simple “thank you” and small forms of recognition, or do they enjoy their names in the monthly newsletter for a job well done? How do you recognize the efforts of your fundraisers and volunteers? The best way to figure out how to reward your employees and volunteers is to ask!

Competitive Pay

What is the pay range for your employees? Is it competitive for the nonprofit segment? The best way to maintain top talent is to ensure the pay matches their skills, it is important to review pay for employees yearly, and make changes as necessary. Furthermore, take advantage of stipends for volunteers (if your organization is able), as well as reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses and discounts if available.

Tools and Resources to Learn and Grow

Help your employees develop their current skills and abilities as well as the opportunity to learn new things. Take the time with your direct reports to help them make a development plan for their future. Lead your teams to do the same with their direct reports. Offer them leadership training, or training that will help them excel with your specific nonprofit. Development plans and training are great, but don’t forget to follow up with what your employees have learned and help them apply it!

Mentor/Mentee program

Mentor/mentee programs are great for building a strong and empowered team, as well as creating comradery among employees. Strong interpersonal relationships in the workplace are a factor in keeping your employees. Not only does a program like this create stronger employee relationships, but it also helps build relationships with new and existing employees and partners, pairing people together with different skills and abilities. 

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