5 Things You Didn’t Know Donors Say About Corporate Matching

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Discover five surprising insights into what donors say about corporate matching gifts and unlock key secrets to maximize your workplace giving potential.

Matching gift programs have long been recognized as a powerful tool for nonprofits to multiply the impact of their incoming donations. However, there’s much more to corporate matching than often meets the eye⁠—especially from the donor’s perspective.

As a fundraising professional, you likely deal primarily with the behind-the-scenes aspects of corporate matching gifts. But in this blog post, we’ll flip the script and delve into eye-opening revelations shared by donors regarding corporate matching.

These include the following five things you didn’t know donors say about corporate matching opportunities:

  1. Corporate matching encourages giving in the first place.

Familiarizing yourself and your team with these insights can not only shift the way you perceive matching gifts but also inform valuable strategies to enhance your nonprofit’s engagement efforts.

Let’s see what your donors have to say about it!

1. Corporate matching encourages giving in the first place.

Did you know that corporate matching programs play a crucial role in inspiring individuals⁠—and not just corporations⁠—to donate? Donors reveal that the presence of a matching gift program often motivates them to contribute in the first place.

In fact, Double the Donation research indicates that 84% of donors are more likely to give if a match is being offered, resulting in a 71% increase in donation response rate when matching gift opportunities are mentioned in an organization’s fundraising appeal.

Knowing that their donation will be matched by their employer, donors feel a greater sense of purpose and are more likely to open their hearts and wallets. In other words, corporate matching is a powerful catalyst, driving individuals to give and make a difference.

Takeaway: Prominently highlight matching gift information in fundraising appeals, social media posts, email newsletters, and more. The more familiar donors become with the opportunity, the more likely they are to give⁠—and to get their gifts matched!

2. Corporate matching incentivizes larger donation amounts.

Not only does the presence of a matching gift program encourage individuals to give in the first place, but the same studies indicate that donors also tend to contribute more when matching is available. Presently, Double the Donation shares that 1 in 3 donors report a likelihood to contribute a larger gift if matching is applied, ultimately leading to a 51% increase in the average donation amount.

This is sometimes due to the idea that supporters are willing to raise their initial gift amount to meet their companies’ minimum match amounts. On the other hand, other donors increase their giving simply due to the amplified impact of corporate matching.

Takeaway: Promote matching gift opportunities directly within the donation experience so donors can opt to up their gift amounts before submitting their contributions!

3. Corporate matching amplifies impact without requiring more funds.

Donors recognize that through matching gifts, their contributions can have an amplified effect, making a more significant difference for the causes they care about. Corporate matching gifts offer the ability to amplify donation value without overloading donors with significant financial requests. This can come in handy when looking to engage new supporters post-donation before you’re ready to make your second gift appeal.

This can also incentivize donors who could have been on the fence about contributing seemingly “inconsequential” amounts. For example, an individual might not feel as if their $10 gift can produce much of an impact⁠—but when their employer will double (or even triple!) that donation to grow the value beyond its initial amount.

Donors love having the opportunity to make a larger impact without stretching their wallets too thin.

Takeaway: Make an effort to communicate the value and vitality of matching gifts to supporters in terms of tangible advantages for your nonprofit mission. If a certain dollar amount feeds a family of four for a week, emphasize that requesting a match can provide an additional week of sustenance for those beneficiaries.

4. Corporate matching engages employees, consumers, and more.

Today, an increasing number of donors are finding that corporate matching is offered by companies of all shapes and sizes. Why? Not only do these initiatives empower businesses to give back to their communities and make an impact on the world, but they also lead to more positive relations with team members, consumers, and other stakeholders. After all, employees tend to want to work for companies that demonstrate philanthropic values, just as buyers often prefer spending their dollars at socially responsible businesses.

So when companies match employee donations, nonprofit donors love knowing this—both that their charitable giving is able to be doubled and that their employers are willing to engage with their favorite causes. When they learn about the program opportunities, they’re often eager to share their findings with other nonprofit supporters, colleagues, and more. And, of course, to get involved in such programs.

Takeaway: Record employment information when collecting donor data. Then, use that information to match your supporters to companies that offer matching gift programs!

5. Corporate matching deepens long-term connections with nonprofits.

Beyond the immediate financial impact, corporate matching also plays a significant role in nurturing long-term connections between donors and the nonprofits they support. For one thing, matching gift appeals can function as reminders of your organization, retaining your spot at the forefront of donors’ minds and increasing the likelihood that they stay engaged with your cause throughout the donor journey.

At the same time, promoting matching gifts can also foster a sense of trustworthiness among supporters, as your team is tangibly demonstrating your dedication to financial stewardship. When you pursue matching gift opportunities, you show donors that you’re looking to produce the greatest impact from each dollar they contribute. They see that and appreciate it⁠—so this idea strengthens the bond between donors and nonprofits. And it ultimately leads to continued support and strengthened supporter communities over time.

Takeaway: Incorporate matching gift messaging as additional post-donation touch points! We recommend sending between one and three follow-up emails dedicated to matching gift opportunities after receiving a donor’s initial contribution.

Donor insights regarding corporate matching and other workplace giving initiatives can shed new light on the immense potential and benefits of these programs.

From encouraging initial giving and incentivizing larger donations to amplifying impact and fostering lasting connections, corporate matching has the power to transform the fundraising landscape for nonprofits. By harnessing these inside donor revelations, organizations like yours can take strategic steps forward to promote matching gifts and leverage the chance to drive their missions forward at twice the speed.

Good luck⁠—and remember to listen to what your donors have to say about opportunities like these!

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