Success Story

Grew from 1.79% of donors being monthly donors to 13.7% by partnering with Givecloud.

1300% increase in monthly donors.

276% increase in donor covers costs.

Gained 295 monthly donors.

Their Unique Challenge:

Meir Panim was facing several issues while using a variety of WordPress solutions for their fundraising. Their main challenges revolved around struggling to gain monthly donors and donors were not covering the fees as much as they would have liked, which meant less of those funds were going toward their mission.

They were also experiencing challenges with their site speed as a result of having their entire fundraising solution hosted on their WordPress website. While they found that their campaigns were going well, their current solution was not robust enough to account for the large number of donors attempting to give at one time.

Overall, Meir Panim was dealing with a host of problems that were affecting their ability to operate effectively and maintain financial sustainability.

The Solution:

Meir Panim made the switch to Givecloud so they could start fundraising on a platform separate from their website, which would solve their issues with site speed and stability.

They were also looking to leverage our user experience focused fundraising solution that is optimized to convert more one-time donors into monthly donors, while also making it easier to recoup fees. Both of which were significant challenges for Meir Panim.

Because of Givecloud:

This resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in additional donations, which allowed Meir Panim to continue their mission and help underprivileged children in their community.

GiveCloud provided the solution Meir Panim needed to increase their monthly donors, reduce their fees, overcome their tech issues, and make fundraising easier.

276% increase

in donor covers costs.

1300% increase

in monthly donor count.

Gained 295

active monthly donors.

Who is Meir Panim:

American Friends of Meir Panim (AFMP), is a nonprofit organization in support of Israel, was established to promote, support and further activities which are committed to providing both immediate and long-term relief to the impoverished- young and old alike- via a dynamic range of food and social service programs, all aimed at helping the needy with dignity and respect.

Case Study provided by Optimize:

Optimize is a web design agency dedicated to helping non-profits optimize their websites for donor growth and peak efficiency. They take care of the entire process from A to Z. It begins with user-friendly design optimized for your donors, then development with the latest technologies (like Givecloud!) that ensure your website runs smoothly and as optimized as possible. They also host your site and run regular maintenance, updates, speed, and security.

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