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Decreased their abandoned cart rate to just 7%.

12% increase in active, monthly donors.

7% abandoned cart rate.

25% of donors created a login for easy future giving.

Their Unique Challenge:

Some of the biggest fundraising challenges facing Great Plains Food Bank were processing time and integration, user experience, and online branding.

Prior to Givecloud, their online donations did not integrate smoothly with their CRM, DonorPerfect, and required manual, batch entry for every online gift made.

Their user interface was overly simplistic, only allowing for gift processing, donors had not control over monthly recurring gifts or giving history.

Lastly, the system utilized did not allow for brand integration and felt very disjointed from their website.

The Solution:

They choose to move forward with Givecloud for several reasons:

First, the ability to integrate with DonorPerfect was a key selling point. They anticipated high ROI from having gifts automatically sync, donors automatically found and/or created, and donations being appropriately coded. Plus, the user interface feature would allow their donors more control over their generosity and history.

The ability to customize pages and integrate their branding was also important so users felt like they were still on Great Plains Food Bank's website and giving to their organization.

They also loved that there were so many features that they could eventually utilize to build their digital fundraising, from peer to peer, text to give, and sponsorships.

Because of Givecloud:

After being with Givecloud for just 7 months, Great Plains Food Bank has experienced some major wins with their fundraising:

25% of donors

have created a login for easy giving in the future.

All Gifts are synced

with their CRM, DonorPerfect, with minimal staff follow-up needed.

7% abandoned cart

rate with the vast majority being donor/user error.

12% increase

in active monthly donors.

Who is Great Plains Food Bank:

The Great Plains Food Bank is in their 40th year of service and serves as the largest hunger relief agency, and the only food bank, serving North Dakota and Clay County, Minnesota.

Their vision is to create “a hunger-free North Dakota and Clay County, Minnesota.” They consistently work to live out their values of service, passion and innovation and strive towards their mission to “end hunger together.”

Get involved with Great Plains Food Bank:

As with many other organizations across their state, the Great Plains Food Bank’s operation is experiencing lingering impacts of the Covid pandemic, coupled with an unstable economy. Specifically, their dedicated partners in the food industry have been plagued with high inflation prices, driving up overhead costs and driving many of their customers to decrease their spending. This forces many food industry partners to cut back on inventory, thus less surplus to recover and donate.

There have also been historic supply chain issues impacting food inventory, while demand for food assistance remains high, including for their neighbors in central and western North Dakota.

The Great Plains Food Bank, the only food bank in North Dakota, is experiencing a 1 million-pound food donation shortfall this year; forcing the Great Plains Food Bank to purchase more food and prompting a historic, record-breaking $2.2 million-line item in their food purchase budget. This food donation shortfall equates to 800,000 fewer meals that North Dakotans depend on and deserve.

Inflationary food prices, unstable gas prices, and other economic impacts are slicing into family incomes forcing many of their neighbors to make impossible choices with limited resources. Unfortunately, the Great Plains Food Bank is not immune from these dramatic impacts. This year’s food donation shortfall coupled with dwindling family resources comes at a time when hunger is impacting one in six individuals in North Dakota, including central and western North Dakota.

Last year, the Great Plains Food Bank provided 13.5 million pounds of food to their network of North Dakota feeding programs (pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters), equating to 11.2 million meals for their hungry neighbors. Your financial support will be used to source and distribute food to their hungry neighbors.

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