DonorPerfect & Givecloud

Combining the style and efficiency of Givecloud donation forms with the data management of DonorPerfect’s system gives your nonprofit the ultimate advantage when it comes to online fundraising.

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How it Works

Every payment interaction creates a contribution in Givecloud. So every time a contribution is created, our robots will push that contribution into DonorPerfect in real-time.
The contribution is pushed into DonorPerfect in two steps. First, the donor is matched or created. Second, each line item on the contributionis pushed as a separate gift to DonorPerfect. Each gift is assigned to the matched or created donor.

Don’t Replace, Integrate!

Go Live With Givecloud in Minutes
When it comes to fundraising for non-profits, there has never been a better pair than Givecloud and DonorPerfect! Don’t worry about replacing existing systems because Givecloud fits like a glove and starts working right away to provide a streamlined & modern donation experience that delights generous people all around the world!
Get started with the forever-free donation tool that is helping non-profits all over the world reach new heights with their fundraising!