Success Story

More than doubled their online fundraising by adding Givecloud.

100% donor satisfaction rate with DCC AI+.

Streamlined systems by moving all event transactions online.

Doubled their amount raised in online fundraising.

Their Unique Challenge:

Deep River & District Hospital Foundation faced a significant fundraising challenge as they were operating with outdated and legacy systems for their fundraising efforts. Recognizing the need for modern software and systems to maximize their impact, they started looking the right solution. Their search to find suitable fundraising software had been incredibly frustrating, involving the exploration of numerous options, many of which proved to be unsuitable for their needs.

Having navigated through the daunting process of searching for the right software firsthand, they were keenly aware of the challenges nonprofits often face. Their experience motivated them to share their story and become a case study for Givecloud. By doing so, they aimed to help other nonprofits avoid the time-consuming and often unnecessary exploration of countless options, showcasing how Givecloud provided the ideal solution to their fundraising needs.

The Solution:

After enduring the frustrations of seeking suitable software and systems, they recognized that Givecloud was the answer they had been searching for. What made Givecloud stand out was its comprehensive suite of modern fundraising tools, including a web design suite that rivaled WordPress in usability. This powerful suite simplified their operations, making it easier to manage their website and streamline their processes.

The game-changing feature was the donor covers cost option, which allowed them to offset the software's expenses through donor contributions. Impressed by the value Givecloud offered, they eagerly embraced it as the solution to their fundraising needs.

Because of Givecloud:

Deep River & District Hospital Foundation's adoption of Givecloud yielded significant and transformative results. After struggling with outdated systems, the switch to Givecloud resulted in a substantial improvement in their online fundraising efforts, doubling their previous fundraising amounts. They successfully transitioned all their event transactions online, streamlining their processes for increased efficiency.

Moreover, the introduction of the donor covers cost feature was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback. No complaints were registered, demonstrating that supporters were willing to contribute towards covering the software's expenses. This efficient implementation allowed them to offset the software costs through donor contributions, showcasing the tangible benefits of Givecloud's functionality.

Their enthusiasm for Givecloud's potential didn't stop there. They expressed eagerness to explore Givecloud's new donor experience once tributes became available, showing a commitment to continued improvement and innovation in their fundraising efforts. By sharing these impressive outcomes, they aimed to inspire and guide other nonprofits towards achieving similar success, free from the trials of software exploration they had experienced themselves.


their online fundraising amount.

Streamlines systems

by moving all event transactions online.

100% donor satisfaction

rate with DCC AI+.

Who is Deep River & District Hospital Foundation:

Deep River & District Hospital Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and enhancing healthcare services in the Deep River community and its surrounding district. Their primary mission revolves around raising funds and mobilizing resources to strengthen the Deep River and District Hospital, ensuring that it can provide high-quality medical care to its residents.

As a foundation, their focus is on improving healthcare infrastructure, facilities, and equipment, thereby enhancing the overall patient experience and healthcare outcomes. They work closely with the hospital's staff and administration to identify critical needs and allocate funds accordingly.

In essence, Deep River & District Hospital Foundation plays a vital role in bridging the gap between public funding and the hospital's requirements, enabling the institution to maintain cutting-edge medical facilities and provide exceptional healthcare services to the community. Their dedication to fundraising and resource mobilization underscores their commitment to the well-being and health of the Deep River and District community.

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