Now, more than ever, 
community matters.

Givecloud’s features enable you to engage and equip your supporters. From peer-to-peer campaigns empowering your most avid supporters to motivating your members. Grow your network now!


Turn supporters into advocates by running your own full-scale peer-to-peer campaigns for teams and individuals. Engage your most avid supporters to reach out to their networks and contacts.

  • Set up a peer-to-peer site in moments
  • Extend reach and empower your most active supporters
  • Build mindshare and impact
  • Raise more for your mission
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Set up a membership program that allows you to offer discounts and exclusive content based on membership level, enables supporters to manage their own account, and reminds members of renewals and such. 

  • Enable supporters to independently manage their membership
  • Track and report on supporters by membership levels
  • Offer exclusive pricing for products and services
  • Assign private, member only content
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