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Givecloud is a team of passionate and caring folks with a deep drive to help World Changers focus fully on their mission and not on the tools they use as a means to their end. We are committed to creating a crazy awesome product and delighting our subscribers. 

We are genuine people, aspiring to help others have meaningful impact on living things big and small and on the planet we share.


We hope you come in and stay a while :)

Introducing our team of change makers...

Adam, VP Customer Experience

I'm a lifelong Martial artist (currently own a school). In 2015, Gold Medalist at the Canadian Nationals and competed on Team Canada in the world WKC championships, receiving a Silver medal.

Josh, Founder and CEO

I auditioned for Canadian Idol and never made it on the show. I almost became an ordained minister and I’m an organ donor (liver).

Kory, Product & Technology Lead

My favourite time of my life was when my wife, myself and our three young children lived a five minute drive from Disney World in Orlando for six months. We had season passes and so we ended up there 2-3 times a week. I’ll hold onto those memories forever - the rides, the popcorn, the atmosphere but mostly the one-on-one time with my kids.

Tim, DevOps Lead

I played WoW for 37 hours straight during the Burning Crusade launch back in 2007.

Sarah, Operations Lead 

If I were stranded on a deserted island I would want to have peanut butter and a machete (pb makes anything taste better and the machete would be a great tool/weapon for a bunch of scenarios).

Phil, Senior Software Developer

I must be the only backend developer who never saw a Star Wars, Harry Potter, Star Trek or Lord of the Rings movie but I know all three Back to the Futures by heart.

Andrew, Customer Success Advocate

I am a worldwide published poetry writer with 7 published books and over 250 poems published in other publications.

Kimberly, Customer Success Advocate 

I'm trained in stage fighting and I'm a published poet.

Dan, Enablement Lead

I'm a diehard Manchester United supporter.

Nael, Customer Success Advocate

I can identify 18 different languages by just listening to them!

Keisha, Champion Network Manager 

At age 7 my parents changed my legal name from Chelsea to Keisha.

Maria, Customer Success Advocate

I am—very unfortunately—a Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

We are so proud of our community of World Changers.

Driven by meaningful missions and delivering pure impact, our community is making real change happen.
Improving conditions for people, animals and the world we share.
We celebrate and applaud them for going above and beyond each and every day.

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