Hey, There! We're Givecloud

We help World Changers focus on their mission, not their admin.

We’re a human-first tech company that empowers nonprofits worldwide by enhancing the way people give through innovative fundraising solutions. We believe in the power of delighted donors and our platform is built to excite them and increase donations, advocacy, and loyalty.

We are committed to providing first-in-class innovation, reliable technology, and exceptional customer support to help you achieve your fundraising goals… And put the fun back in fundraising!

Trusted by over 2000+ organizations including:

Why We Started

The truth is... Nonprofits feel stuck.

They feel stuck in their suits and ties begging for money from people instead of changing the world. Guess what!

We want World Changers to be doing just that - changing the world.

At the centre of everything we do is a burning desire to help World Changers, that means you, focus more on your mission and less on fundraising administration. You can call this our North Star! The results?

We’ve helped over 2000 nonprofits raise more than $500 million, and are dedicated to providing comprehensive customer support and maintaining the highest security standards.

Superhero Support

We've got your back.

πŸ’œ Great People

πŸ’™ Helping Great People

πŸ’— Do Great Things

At Givecloud, we provide top-notch customer support that's got your back. With a 97% customer satisfaction rate, you can trust that we are committed to delivering fast, friendly, and effective support to all of our customers.

As a Canadian company, we infuse our support with a touch of our signature "eh!" to make it a little more personal. We also care deeply about the causes our worldwide customers champion and the impact they have on the world.

What We Do & How We Do It

Helping you do your life's best work.

Givecloud ensures more and more nonprofits are freed up to do their life's best work and as a result:

🎯 Diseases are eradicated sooner

🎯 Humans are no longer trafficked

🎯 The climate is under control

🎯 Wildlife is protected

🎯 Fewer philanthropic resources are wasted

Givecloud is the leader in fundraising solutions, optimized to generate the most loyal, generous, easy-to-manage support for a nonprofit's mission.

Our secret juice is our design-first experiences that generates the most devoted donors and leaves them in total AWE! Our solutions result in an increase in the average donation amounts, the number of monthly donors, and donor coverage revenue.

Thousands of organizations over the last ten years have trusted Givecloud's technology and leadership in Design First Engagement to raise hundreds of millions of dollars. Will you be next?

The proof is in the pudding


$500 Million in Fundraising


Over 2 Million Delighted Donors


2000+ Impact-Driven Nonprofits


72% Fundraising Growth

Our Mission

Untie the hands of World Changers.

We untie the hands of those world changers allowing them to spend more of their resources on their mission and less on administration.

Trustraising - Build better relationships through intentional and trusted engagement.

Streamline - Leverage technology to free up people to build relationships.

Cut Costs - Focus more money on their mission.

We will increase the impact of our world's charities and nonprofits by allowing them to spend more of their time on their mission, raise more money, and inspire more volunteers.

πŸ‘‰ We serve PEOPLE.

πŸ‘‰πŸΎ We help PEOPLE.

Our Unique Differentiator

What makes Givecloud Different.

We provide digital fundraising software that prioritizes a design-first approach and delighted donors, leading to increased donations and long-term support for nonprofit organizations.

What differentiates us from our competitors is our revolutionary, donor-centric approach, which proves that when donors are delighted, they are more likely to give more frequently, give quickly, and share about their experience.

We pride ourselves on providing first-in-class innovation, with lightning-fast and reliable pages, zero set-up fees, zero contracts, and unlimited experiences with custom branding and templates.

Our goal is to make fundraising accessible to all nonprofits regardless of their size or budget.

Our People

Driven by passion.

Our gang of team members here at Givecloud is made up of incredibly smart, dedicated, and curious people whose goals are to support and cheer on all the amazing nonprofits we have the privilege of working with.

Why do they choose to work at Givecloud?

Because they want to be part of a company that's not just chasing profits, but instead, transforming the world for good.

Every day, we put our heads together and get to work by empowering nonprofits with the best technology out there to make a bigger, better impact on the world.

Givecloud the ultimate fundraising tool for nonprofits.

We're a remote-first company headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.

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