Ignite pure impact through
digital-first fundraising.

Simply engaging and retaining donors is a thing of the past as we pivot in this digital age.
Let's create caring virtual communities united for a cause.
Expand your reach, build excitement and celebrate impact along the way.

We simplify the HOW so you can focus on your WHY!

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Time and money by consolidating systems and streamlining operations.


More options to reach donors where they are and how they prefer.


Engage and retain donors with a myriad of fundraising options and a beautiful giving experience.


Easy one-time and recurring giving with a full donor management solution.

The perfect platform for all nonprofits.

Givecloud is a full feature digital fundraising platform for nonprofits big and small. We pride ourselves on offering the most versatile, comprehensive and easy to use solution available. Who are you? What’s your focus this year?

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What’s your pivot?

How are you evolving to meet our new normal? We’ve talked to many customers who are taking advantage of the world changes to create a new way to unite online with their supporters and advocates. Our team of caring experts can help you:

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Our community is doubling year over year for a few simple reasons. Our platform offers all the tools you need for digital fundraising. Our customers save time and money with our platform. We care. We listen. We innovate.
We're trusted by many of the most impactful nonprofits in the world.

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In the pursuit of pure impact!

Diversify your digital fundraising options. Save time and money
with an all-in-one digital fundraising platform.

Trustraising Highlights

Information overload is creating a noisy, distracted world that often values quick-fixes over deep, meaningful relationships. Our Trustraising Blog is an invitation to dive deeper than fundraising metrics, data, and best practices. Trustraising is your heart tugging you towards what really matters - truth, mission, and causes your organization exists to serve.
Join your peers in creating pure impact.

Run a Successful Virtual Event

Are you planning an online gala or virtual event? Turn these events into high-impact opportunities. Engage and excite your supporters like never before!           

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Meet Operation Underground Railroad

Discover how World Changers at Operation Underground Railroad are driving impact, inspiring supporters, and optimizing their fundraising.

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P2P Everyone is an Influencer

Discover the power of peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising. Empower P2P participants, and leverage their networks. Everyone can be an influencer for your nonprofit.

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