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Givecloud, digital fundraising software meets donor-first experiences.

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We put the digital-donor first.

When donors love your online experiences,

They Give Faster

Conversion times improve 100-200%. The average donation takes less than 20 seconds.

They Give More

When donors are presented with a compelling checkout, less clutter and the right motivation, they give up to 30% more.

More Donors Give

When your forms are simple and uncomplicated, far fewer donors drop off your giving forms.

More Donors Share

When donors are engaged correctly after their donation, they're more likely to share with others.

Increase your donations with Givecloud digital fundraising software.

Turn Attention into Retention

Reliably convert attention from emails, social media and your campaigns into committed donors.

  • No Traditional Form Fields
  • Social Proof & Gamification
  • Realtime Address Auto-Complete & Verification
  • Modern Payments like Google & Apple Pay
  • Social Logins

Maximize The Opportunity

Ensure supporters have every opportunity to become as engaged as possible.

  • Upgrades & Upsells
  • Communication Opt-Ins
  • Social Logins
  • One-Click Challenges & Fundraisers
  • Personalized Thank You
Innovative digital fundraising forms with Givecloud.

We Outperform The Other Guys

From Features to Pricing to Outcomes, Givecloud's dedicated to making sure you get the most for your mission.

Industry Average

8 Seconds Load Time

5% Conversion Rate

4 Minutes Time to Donate

3 Redirects

15 Traditional Form Fields

1 Templates

The Other Guys

< 1.5 Seconds Load Time

37% Conversion Rate

26 Seconds Time to Donate

0 Redirects

7 Traditional Form Fields

1 Templates

Givecloud 💪

< 1 Second Load Time

42% Conversion Rates

< 20 Seconds Time to Donate

0 Redirects

0 Traditional Form Fields

12+ Templates

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You can add as many as you want later.


Our fastest unrestricted full-featured donation form.

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Choose a type and amount of impact, then discover how to finance that impact.

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Pick a Fund

Choose one fund for your donation.

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Split your donation across multiple funds.

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Choose an ecard design to gift to a friend.

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Pick a Gift

Choose a gift with a minimum donation.

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Pick a Membership

Choose from a predetermined list of membership levels.

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Memorial Fundraiser

Allow Donors to create their own memorial fundraisers.

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All plans include:

✓ No-Fee Guarantee

✓ No One-Time Setup Fees

✓ Unlimited Full-Featured Forms

✓ Unlimited Donors and Donations

✓ APIs & Webhooks

✓ Self-Serve Imports & Migrations

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$69 /month

2.5% Platform Fee

✓ 1 Integration

✓ Knowledge Base

Onboarding Webinars

9a-5p/5 Live Chat


$179 /month

LITE, plus:

✓ 2.0% Platform Fee

✓ 3 Integrations

✓ Knowledge Base

✓ Onboarding Webinars

9a-5p/5 Live Chat

✓ Multi-Site Configurations

✓ Priority Support


White-Glove Migrations

Dedicated Manager

Phone Support

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Reliable ⚡️

Lightning Fast

Our pages load in less than 1.5s on an average device and internet connection.

99.99% Uptime

We utilize cutting-edge cloud computing to auto-scale to your demand.

Safe & Secure

Trusted by national brands, we're PCI, DSS, and SOC compliant.

Proven 💪

2000+ Nonprofits

Our technology stack has been used by over 2000 nonprofits over 8 years.

$300M+ Fundraised

Our innovations have helped organizations raise hundreds of millions of dollars.


Are you prepared for the Gen-Z effect?

influence > affluence

Wealth is shifting to a generation focused on connection and impact. Are you prepared to build better digital relationships, be courageously candid and exceed your funding targets?

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